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The crowds celebrated into the late hours of the evening at the wedding of the granddaughter of the Satmar Rav of Boro Park, daughter of the Siget Rav. The simcha began in the Satmar Beis Midrash with the kabbalas panim, graced by the participation of many rabbanim and admorim. At the kesubah ceremony, honors were given to Rav Berel Weiss of Los Angeles and Rav Leibel Friedman from Boro Park. For Kiddushin, Rav Yitzchak Katz from Paris and Rav Elish Englander from London were honored.

The chuppah ceremony began in the street near the beis midrash. The seudah took place at the Milton Plaza in New York City. The crowd was awed when the grandfather, the Satmar Rebbe, appeared before thousands of his chassidim to give berachos and wish mazal tov.

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