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On the eleventh day of the month of Marcheshvan, Yaakov Avinu foresaw events that would transpire thousands of years in the future. With his ruach hakodesh, he looked forward through more and more generations until he saw us, lost in galus with no Beis Hamikdash, no navi, no mizbeiach. He saw confused, weary people seeped in tzaros and he knew that at such a time, they would need – a mother.

It was on this day, the 11th of Cheshvan, that he buried Rochel ×´along the way×´ for our sake. Mamme Rochel, our mother, has been awaiting us between Efrat and Beis Lechem for thousands of years now. Our mother, her arms spread wide to gather her children, is there for us. Because a mother never says, ×´I׳ve tried long enough.×´ Rochel Imeinu still stands before Hashem and weeps to him. Over and over again, Hashem reassures her, ×´Yesh Sachar L’pulaseich – There is a reward; there is hope.×´ She has this incredible power in Shamayim to arouse mercy on behalf of an individual as well as the public at large.

The Explicit Midrash
The Midrash relates that when the Jewish Nation was taken into exile – broken, battered, bleeding and in pain – a great tumult took place in heaven. The saintly Avos cried out bitterly, each of them in turn falling before the Heavenly Throne and pleading with Hashem that this not be an everlasting galus, that Klal Yisrael be redeemed. In the merit of Avraham, the first believer; in the merit of Yitzchak, who was offered as a sacrifice to Hashem; in the merit of Yaakov; in the merit of Moshe, loyal shepherd of the Jewish People… they all pleaded mightily before Hashem.

Of all the words uttered, of all the meritorious deeds mentioned – Hashem turned to Rochel Imeinu. Of all the pleas, He chose her tears, saying, ×´Stop your voice from crying, for there is reward for your deeds.×´ You have accomplished your goal; it is your cry that I choose. In the merit of your prayer, your children will merit redemption. This Midrash reveals to us a most powerful secret: if you long for redemption – redemption for all of Klal Yisrael or a personal redemption from your tzaros – know that there is one address: Mamme Rochel.

The unique power to arouse heavenly mercy and effect salvation – belongs to a mother. It is she whom Hakadosh Baruch Hu granted the ability to change decrees. We are very familiar with the words “Yesh Sachar Lif׳ulasech,” yet we fail to realize their full impact.

When you ask, I will listen. “If there is reward for your deeds,” means “If you request it, I am prepared to nullify a decree. Your action changes the lives of your descendants for the better.” At the crossroads between Chevron and Beis Lechem, our mother still awaits us, eager to absorb our cries and willing to plead and cry before Hashem until He obliterates our tzaros.

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