Some of our professional traitors are already  beginning  to make the comparison  between this weeks butchery of four Jews as they stood in prayer with  the  Dr. Baruch Goldstein  shootings  in 1994.. The peaceful praying men in Jerusalem  threatened no one. Their crime was being Jewish and perhaps praying as  a Jew.

First a few  words about Dr. Goldstein:

Dr. Baruch  Goldstein could have  had a wonderful career in the USA, first in hisScreen Shot 2014-11-20 at 2.01.25 PM  class in Einstein medical school. However he chose to make his home  in Hebron and serve as the regional physician there.
He was adored  by all  .
Parents would  take their children to his clinic – just to see his face.
He often slept with his shoes on – just in case
When he was treating a young woman with cancer. He told her,”I will do whatever I can for  you as long as I can” He  ended up  sitting at her bed side reciting Psalms.

There  was a bad  car accident  near Kiryat Arba involving an army jeep. At  the  scene, he  saw a badly injured Ethiopian soldier. He  asked for his parents’ phone  number. When asked why, he said,” he is clearly a new immigrant and his parents will need support.”.

There is a book full of these stories which the government banned. It is called “Baruch Hagever”

Shortly before he was killed  he treated his  good friend and his son after a terror attack upon them. They died in  his arms.

Now we come to Purim and the day of the events.
The  army  had warned Dr Goldstein of  coming trouble – a pogrom. He was asked to enlarge his emergency room and prepare for  the worst.

He braced for the Arab fury, as warned by the  army and as evidenced by the open Arab preparations on their mosque loudspeakers and posters. “Stock  up on food and water” There will be  a curfew”

That evening  he went to the Patriarchs cave to hear the  Purim Megila read.
A very unusual number of young Arabs were in the building chanting “slaughter the Jews!”
Why the  army allowed them in is a puzzle.

They say he  was  seen leaving as he could not hear the reading over the shrill cries for Jewish blood., shaking his head saying,”I can’t take it anymore”
The very same thing happened the next morning for  the  second reading.

He returned that afternoon with his rifle in uniform (major) and  managed to  eliminate 28 of the chanting “youths”. He was then  bludgeoned to death.

There was no  pogrom that year.

He  was one of the physicians in the delivery room when my oldest son was born.I remember that he shared his ice cream with me.

I have rarely met a more selfless, dedicated  person in my life.

May his memory be a blessing for us all.


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