When Yehudah Glick, religious rights activist, was felled by four point blank assassin’s bullets, the country was shocked and outraged.

The Arab terrorist, a Jerusalem resident first asked his victim, in perfect Hebrew, if he was indeed the civil rights activist, the one who advocates Jewish rights even on our holiest site, the Temple Mount.. When answered in the affirmative he let loose four bullets.

He was killed by the police in a shoot out a short time afterwards.

His family and neighbors in the Jerusalem neighborhood praised the new “shahid”(martyr).

Candies were given out and loudspeakers screamed his praise.The local children had yet another model to emulate.

Meanwhile multitudes of Jews prayed for Yehudah as the doctors left little hope of recovery from his multiple wounds.

One of the proven deterrents to terrorists is the destruction of the killer’s home.

A number of such homes were indeed destroyed recently after Arabs killed Jews with their latest weapon of choice, their cars.

The home of the terrorist who pumped four bullets into Yehudah was slated for destruction as well.

His adoring family appealed to the Israeli justice system. Unfair, collective punishment they claimed.

The three judges presiding on the bench of Israel’s Supreme Court decided in favor of the proud family. They explained that Yehuda is recovering..(!) That was his first mistake..

If I were Yehuda’s attorney I would have to council that he not recover from his wounds in order for him to see Israeli justice – from his place in heaven.

Not to say that there is no rule of law in Israel. Indeed, weren’t there lots of great laws on the books in the Soviet Union or in Sedom?

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