Dynamic American Rabbi at the Helm –

(BET SHEMESH, ISRAEL)- Twenty English-speaking families in Israel have signed on to join a new community in a prime suburban setting inside the popular town of Ramat Bet Shemesh.

Ganei HaEla (www.ganeihaela.com) will be led by Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb, a dynamic and well respected rabbi who previously served Baltimore’s Congregation Shomrei Emunah before moving to Israel with his family in 2010.

“We will fill a compelling need for a cohesive community where families who share the values of commitment to Torah, the Jewish people, and the Land of Israel can come together to support each other in a warm and friendly environment,” said Rabbi Gottlieb. “We are also excited to be a part of — to benefit from and contribute to — the full range of educational, communal, and recreational services located in the area.”

The first families are largely professionals, including doctors, accountants, educators, financial analysts and others ranging in age from the late 20’s-40. Fifty families should join the group in the next few months as development and construction work begin.

“Greater Bet Shemesh is already Israel’s number one community for young American and Anglo families,” said Shelly Levine whose Tivuch Shelly, Ltd. has been a long-term marketer of the area, “I am certain that Ganei HaEla will take Bet Shemesh to the next level of most desired neighborhoods in Israel.”

Levine added that a variety of spacious top standard housing options are being offered, from apartments to single-family houses, all within a meticulously cultivated gated community. “Needless to say, the prices will never be lower than they are today to acquire a home in Ganei HaEla.”

Ganei Ha’Ela will be built around a beautiful synagogue and bet midrash, with nearby schools, religious institutions, and medical and commercial centers all servicing the community.

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