You’ve just gone through the physical and emotional exhaustion of the Tisha B’ Av Fast.

You’re ready to feel rejuvenated. Many of us serve bagels as the quintessential break fast food. Why eat food that will weigh you down? Make this break fast meal different with a nutritiously savvy, revitalizing meal.

During a fast, your body breaks down muscle and converts it into energy. The space within your intestines shrinks since there is no food passing through. The foods you break a fast with are critical to replenishing your body. It’s important that these foods be easily digestible and not tax your body

Jerem Safron, author off”The Fasting Handbook” recommends breaking  your fast slowly with foods that are easily digestible to avoid gastrointestinal problems. Foods that are are heavy and hard to digest, such as meat, bread, fried foods and whole-fat dairy products are poor choices, These types of foods can cause stomach cramping and other uncomfortable GI symptoms. Instead, opt for foods that are light and easily digestible.

Your post fast meal should be nutrient dense and easily digestible. Raw fruits and vegetables are great choices. Fruits high in water content like, watermelon, grapes, and honeydew, are ideal. Citrus fruits, on the other hand, maybe too acidic right after a fast.

High water content vegetables such as lettuce and cucumbers are smart post fast vegetables. Low—Gas producing, nutriously dense vegetables like kale, avocado, sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, and greens are also great choices.


An easily digestible source of protein is eggs. Serving a dairy free quiche (loaded with non-gassy vegetables) is a great choice. If a quiche is more prep than you’re up for on a fast day, how about a simple cheeseless omelette, scrambled eggs, or even hard boiled eggs. Try not to sprinkle salt on those eggs. Avoiding salt after a fast, while you’re trying to rehydrate, is important.

Don’t forget it’s not just what you eat, but how you eat. Some people overeat at this post fast meal to compensate for the day’s restrictions. Don’t fall into this trap. Be kind to your body and eat slowly. Savor each bite and give those digestive enzymes a chance to do their job! Remember to replenish the fluids lost through fasting by drinking (preferably non-carbonated drinks).

Convinced yet to ditch your usual high carb, high fat post fast meal yet? Even if you’re not, you can still incorporate some of the ideas from this article to make your meal reJEWvenating!

Sample Post Fast Menu

Leafy Green salad with yogurt dressing (with probiotics)

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Tomato, Basil Quiche (cheeseless)


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