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The 24th Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation Dinner will take place at 4 p.m. on October 21, at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, 60 West End Avenue in Brooklyn. A gala kosher buffet dinner will be served. There will be live feeds from the event for an international audience to follow.

As we read in Yirmiyahu 31 on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, it is Rachel Imeinu who is promised to bring about the geulah. In her honor, Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation:

  • brought a sefer Torah to Rachel’s tomb on Rosh Chodesh Tammuz 5758 and a second one in 2005 where hundreds crowded for the dedication in the large building
  • enabled Kever Rachel to remain open 24 hours a day because of the thousands attending.
  • saved the Egged Bus 163 and successfully petitioned to have seven buses added.
  • dedicated a Shir HaShirim which is on the wall in the men’s section of Kever Rachel since 2003.
  • hosts shiurim in Kever Rachel
  • built Beit Bnei Rachel, the House of Rachel’s Children, purchased with all RCRF money in March 2001.
  • hosts Lunch and Learn, Tea and Torah programs, and hafrashat challah.
  • hosts soldiers housed in the RCRF building.

A large weekly group from Efrat maintained lectures remembering Sara Blaustein, H’yd, who was with Evelyn when they saw the building purchased on Purim 2001 from the roof through a bulletproof glass security case. There was a Museum of Jewish Aliyah. The Biblical Art Museum last displayed the artworks of Malla Carl, ob’m. RCRF dreams of building a Rachel Tear memorializing the victims of terrorism as well as a replica of Rachel’s Tomb circa 1500 as a chuppah in the Biblical Garden. An architect is already working on the Rachel Tear as a monument. Help actualize the RCRF dreams. RCRF dreams are all our Rachel’s children’s dreams.

Shul With A View: Book Presentation. On the first RCRF sefer Torah it reads, “The roots of the past are the foundation of the future.” The Salomon family, inspired by the Gra, immigrated to Jerusalem in the early 1800s. There is the Old Yishuv Court Museum on Ohr HaChaim Street where the Arizal had his bris about 500 years ago that tells the story of Yoel Moshe Salomon (1838–1913) as well as Moshe Salomon (1925–1948). Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman of Passaic New Jersey, is of this esteemed and large family. His remarkable journal, a must-read book, “Shul With a View,” will be available for purchase at the dinner.

Exploring Beis Lechem: Presented By Botanist Dr. Jon Greenberg. The agriculture of Beis Lechem, the House of Bread, the city where Rachel dies on the way, the city of David, Boaz, Naomi, and Ruth.

Aishes Chayil awardee: Artist Yaeli Vogel. A prominent Five Towns artist whose artwork was purchased by the famous, her painting will be auctioned at the dinner. Not only does her talent capture our world’s true beauty, it benefits many worthy charities.

Memorial: Rabbi Dr. Joseph Klausner of Efrat. Dr. Klausner was an Israeli RCRF adviser and presenter, a superior historian who was involved in RCRF activities in Beit Bnei Rachel, the House of Rachel’s Children. Please submit memories for the journal.

Rachel Imeinu Community Chesed awardee: Cindy Grosz. Grosz, of the Five Towns, is a journalist whose work appears regularly in the Times Of Israel, Israel National News, and other multiple media outlets. She is a frequent contributor and co-host of The Jersey Joe Show on WOR710 AM, which is syndicated through iHeart Radio. Her education activism is part of the evening’s theme of “Real History.” She regularly works with Assemblymen Brian Curran, Ed Ra, and Melissa Miller on pro-Israel and education issues. She has worked on state and national campaigns on behalf of Jewish causes and is currently the Jewish liaison for the Queens GOP. She was this year’s recipient of the National Council of Young Israel’s Eishes Chayil Award. Grosz was also the co-chairperson of the Israeli Day Concert in Central Park last June. She will be given the award by Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a personal friend.

Special Presentation For Ari Fuld, Hy’D: Josh Wander. Wander, a close friend of Ari Fuld, will be making his first public appearance since the brutal murder last month. He is continuing the work Fuld planned of a three-week tour of the United States. Josh Wander received his bachelor’s degree in Talmudic law from a prestigious rabbinical college in Jerusalem. He then served as a commander in the IDF and officer in the United States Air Force auxiliary before graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a master’s degree in public and international affairs and a global studies certificate in conflict resolution with a regional concentration in the Middle East. Politically in Israel, he served as an adviser in the Israeli parliament, central committeeman for the Jewish Home party, and as the online content editor and political correspondent for the Jerusalem Post. Wander has been assigned and loyally served in global hot spots including Iraq, Lebanon, Haiti, Northern Ireland, and Israel. He is the commander of the Jewish War Veterans in Israel. A certified NRA instructor and a Range Safety Officer, he founded Jewish Preppers and has been featured in the National Geographic series “Doomsday Preppers.” Josh is married with six children, and lives on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. He is a public-relations consultant and expert in Israel advocacy.

Social media star Adina Miles Sash, AKA “Flatbush Girl,” will also take part in the festivities. A family friend of the Fulds, Miles made news recently when she ran for district leader in Brooklyn. She is bringing to the forefront political awareness in the young “frum world” to her thousands of followers every day.

Please RSVP; $50 per person. Additional donations and journal ads supporting RCFC projects are still being collected, until October 17. RCRF is located at 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235. For more information, call 718-648-2610 or email


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