Tradition teaches “Kol Yisrael areivim zeh lazeh,” which is translated to mean that all Jews are responsible for one another. This refers to a general attitude of caring and looking out for one another. The above statement can also be translated as “all are sweet to one another, and all are intertwined with each other.”

There are many levels of concern one can feel for a fellow Jew. But when we truly feel that every Jew is sweet and intertwined in the fabric of our lives and is a real part of our existence, then it becomes an awesome opportunity to reach out to every single person to help with their material or spiritual needs.

This especially rings true in connection with the holiday of Shavuos when we are taught that the only guarantors the Almighty accepted for the Torah are our children. Moshe and the Jewish people declared, “Our children will be our guarantors,” and only then did the Almighty agree to grant the Torah to the Jewish people. We therefore encourage everyone and especially every single Jewish child be present at a Ten Commandments reading.

Chabad of the Five Towns is having a full dairy feast and ice cream party for the children (and adults!) in this merit. Please encourage all our little, most precious guarantors–our children from the whole community to be present at the reading of the Ten Commandments. Join Chabad on Wednesday, May 15 for services which begins at 10:00 a.m., followed by the reading of the Ten Commandments at 11:00 a.m.

An elaborate ice cream party for kids and lavish dairy luncheon buffet will follow, sponsored by Yosef Yitzchak and Penina Batsheva Popack in honor of Yosef Yitzchak’s birthday and in memory of his father, HaRav Shmuel Isaac ben Reb Avrohom HaLevi, ob’m. Hope to see you at Chabad, 74 Maple Avenue in Cedarhurst to be part of this Shavuos celebration.

For more information about Shavuos, please visit and check out the complete schedule of services, learn-a-thon, Shavuos tea, and Shavuos Megasite, or call 516-295-2478. v


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