MDA’s Make a Wish Ambulance Fulfills Dor’s Wish to Watch the New Wonder Woman Movie

When MDA Heard of Dor, a 16 Year Old Teenager with Cancer Whose Dream Was to Watch the New Wonder Woman Movie at the Cinema, the Organization Immediately Enlisted Its “Make a Wish Ambulance” to the Operation

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, JUNE 11, 2017 — Dor Tsitsishvili, 16, from Beer Sheva, is battling cancer and requires constant medical supervision. Dor’s greatest love is superheroes — he is passionate about comic books and adores Wonder Woman.

The Larger than Life Association, who is accompanying Dor and his family throughout their battle with cancer, has approached MDA and shared Dor’s story. It was then that the two organizations decided to arrange the best viewing experience for Dor. As aforementioned, Dor’s medical condition requires constant supervision by an intensive care team and therefore transporting him to the cinema must be done in an ambulance.

Yonat Daskal, supervisor and paramedic at MDA’s Make a Wish Ambulance decided to turn Dor’s humble dream into a celebration. She approached Mr. Eyal Edri, a manager at Cinema City, who immediately enlisted to the operation and took care of all the requirements with an open heart.

MDA’s Make a Wish Ambulance picked Dor up from Dana hospital and drove him to Cinema City, accompanied by a senior medical team consisting of paramedic Yonat Daskal, senior MDA EMT, Noam Twig, and Dr. Dror Levin from the Dana hospital. During the ride Dor ensured the entire medical team was fully aware of the Wonder Woman storyline by sharing his knowledge with them.

Dor arrived at Cinema City and was brought into the VIP theatre with a warm, special welcome that included a meal and other goodies. He then sat in the front row to watch the movie, smiling and beaming with happiness for the next two enjoyable hours.

Dor Tsitsishvili, whose dream came true said: “I am very excited. From a young age I’ve loved superheroes and read comic books, ‘Wonder Woman is a character that I really relate to and therefore I wanted to watch the movie. In my room at the hospital we hanged a Wonder Woman poster and Lior, from the Larger than Life Association asked me if I had seen the movie. I said ‘no’ and added that I didn’t think I was going to see it because I had to stay at the hospital. He asked me to get permission from my doctor and promised me that he would take care of the rest. The doctor, Dror Levin has permitted me to go and even asked to join me, Yonat from the Make a Wish ambulance at MDA arranged everything. This was the first time in two years that I’d gone to the theatre. Since waking up I had positive energy, I was energetic for the rest of the day, nothing could bring me down.”

Dor’s mother, Mali: “One of Dor’s favorite things are superheroes and ever since he heard of the Wonder Woman movie he’s been waiting to see it. I would like to thank Magen David Adom and everyone else who has made this experience possible, it was clearly visible how excited and happy he was to enjoy the movie and forget about his medical condition for a few hours.”

Dr. Dror Levin said: “The real hero is Dor, we are in awe of him every day. He wanted to come here to watch a movie about a superhero but the real hero tonight is him.”

Yonat Daskal, Supervisor of MDA’s Make a Wish Ambulance initive said: “As the project supervisor, to me, every wish is a whole world in itself and we try to go above and beyond to fulfill it, but this specific request has touched us in a special way, I connected to Dor well before I even met.”

MDA Director General, Eli Bin: “I am glad MDA has been able to relief Dor’s pain even for a few hours and make his dream come true. Dor’s story is touching, and we understand that treatment of the mind is just as acute as the medical treatment and therefore we’ve established the Make a Wish Ambulance initiative that operates toward fulfilling the dreams of those suffering from terminal illnesses. MDA will continue to work towards the health of civilians in all aspect and attempt to relief their pain as much as possible. I send warm wishes to Dor and strength to his family.”

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Magen David Adom (MDA) is Israel’s national ambulance, blood-services, and disaster-relief organization, serving as emergency medical first responders for the state’s more than 8 million people. For more information, please visit, our Twitter or our Facebook.


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