Chabad of Far Rockaway once again provided the community with some great Purim Fun. “Jungle John’s” reptile show had the crowd stunned, learning some amazing facts and feats of reptiles. From a very long albino snake to a smiling alligator, young and old were wowed and even got to hold and touch some of the reptiles. Following the entertaining show, a family friendly Megillah reading which young and old have come to anticipate took place. With multimedia entertainment, a super loud and quick expert ba’al koreh, and activities and snacks for the little ones, this is a megillah reading where men, women, and children can all hear the megillah at the same time. Many women thanked Chabad after the program saying they love being able to hear the megillah with their children and not have to go find another reading later.

Purim night and day, Chabad had a network of bachurim reading Megillah at various nursing homes and at Chabad multiple times.

At the conclusion of this uplifting special Purim, a group of men and bachurim enjoyed a farbrengen led by Rabbi Pesach Schmerling, focusing on the deeper messages of Purim in our daily avodas Hashem all year round.


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