Throughout Lag BaOmer Weekend, 579 People Who Participated in the Yearly Celebrations in Meron Were Treated by MDA Teams & 12 Others Were Wounded at Bonfires across Israel


TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, MAY 15 — Throughout Lag BaOmer weekend hundreds of First Responders, EMTs and paramedics treated 579 people celebrating in the yearly Meron celebrations. They suffered injuries in degrees varying from mild to severe as a result of wounds, burns, dehydration and other medical issues. Out of the 579 patients 54 required further medical treatment and were evacuated to Ziv and Poria hospitals in MDA ambulances and Intensive Care Units. Among them was an 18 year old male who was severely injured as a result of falling from height.


Hundreds of the medical staff stationed in Meron medically secured visitors of the site and provided them with medical treatment at two clinics MDA set up nearby. Also stationed at the site were Intensive Care Units, Mobile Mass Casualty Incidents Stations, Ambulances, Medi-Cycles, and ATVs. MDA’s Northern helicopter was also on standby.


MDA teams in other parts of Israel were also busy medically securing those celebrating Lag BaOmer with bonfires. MDA EMTs and paramedics treated 12 individuals who suffered injuries such as smoke inhalation, burns and wounds. All were injured mildly. Five of them required further medical treatment and were evacuated to hospitals.


MDA Director General, Eli Bin: “Preparing ahead of time and collaborating with the Police, the IDF, the Fire Department and the authority for holy sites as well as the high alertness level at which MDA operated proved successful as teams were able to provide professional and rapid medical treatment to all 579 individuals who required it during the Rashbi celebrations in Meron. I would also like to thank MDA forces in other areas of the country who operated to provide medical treatment to those celebrating the holiday with bonfires.”


For more information please contact Spokeswoman to the Foreign Press, Bar Zukerman +972-524448998 or +972-506916260


Magen David Adom (MDA) is Israel’s national ambulance, blood-services, and disaster-relief organization, serving as emergency medical first responders for the state’s more than 8 million people. For more information, please visit, our Twitter or our Facebook.


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