Local women will roll up their sleeves and extend a hand to unaffiliated colleagues, neighbors, and friends for the Great Challah Bake of the Five Towns on Thursday evening, October 23, at the Sands Atlantic Beach at 7:30 p.m. The Great Challah Bake is the kickoff event for the Shabbos Project, a global celebration of Shabbos by Jews in all corners of the world, to be held the weekend of October 24—25.

More than 700 women are expected to participate in the Great Challah Bake. Newbies, novices, and those who bake every week will join forces to continue the tradition of the Jewish matriarchs and women throughout the ages as they view a challah-baking demonstration, try their hand at kneading the dough, and learn about the spiritual meaning of this important mitzvah.

“We are challenging every frum woman who participates to bring a friend who is not religious. Our goal is to promote Jewish unity by sharing the beauty of Shabbos with those who have never experienced it. We seek to embrace Jews of every type and bring them into our community by joining hands to do a mitzvah,” said Mrs. Adina Fischlewitz, co-coordinator of the Five Towns Great Challah Bake.

Each participant will receive an individual bowl containing two and a half pounds of flour and premeasured ingredients. Women will knead and braid the dough while watching a live demonstration given by Mrs. Malky Feldman and Mrs. Judy Rubin. Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt will provide insight into the spiritual meaning of the mitzvah of challah. When the dough is ready, the women will pair up to say the berachah on the challah, and each participant will leave with the braided dough and bake it in her own home. While the women knead and braid, singer Eitan Katz will provide musical entertainment.

“Challah is a taste of OlamHaBa, the connection between heaven and earth. Through this event, we hope to bring a taste of OlamHaBa to unaffiliated Jews and increase the connection between all of us as we work together to enhance our commitment to G‑d and the mitzvos,” said Mrs. Sima Gefen, co-coordinator of the Five Towns Great Challah Bake.

To register, visit www.theshabbosproject5tfr.com/challah-bake.html.


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