By:  Shalom Pollack, Jerusalem, Friday July 11


As  I write these lines on Friday, July 10, events  swirl about  us so swiftly, I need  to jot  down my thoughts before I am swept into the  next dramatic  and often bizarre  event that engulfs over us.

Where  shall I begin? Yesterday, as I was swimming tn the neighborhood pool, the  sirens  went off again  I  think  I shall not forget how the pool  emptied out in great panic, yelling. rushing  for  a protected  area. This  will remain for me emblematic moment.

Our  enemies  decide exactly  when an  entire country will be throw into panic. They  decide

For  decades, “learned commentators”have been  informing us with the  certainty of  the sages, that there is  no way we can change this. We can at best hope to minimize the damage and  win periods of quiet. We  must learn to cope.

There is  no  enemy , no war,  no victory . We are administrating a “low  grade  violence situation” Get it?   Like seasonal flooding or snow storms. You live with it. You cope

If this is indeed  the attitude, I pray that the IDF is not sent into Gaza to just ‘shovel the  snow”, as was  done  in that  past two “operations” .That is  not worth even one Jewish life.

I know this sounds  like a story  from Mad  magazine happens here  for  real:

Before the IDF  strikes a  target, they warn any residents  by phone and then a small warning rocket is sent before the main one is  fired. This in itself is a first in the history of warfare. But the really cute thing is that two days ago there was a bitter complaint  from Gaza that “Israel did not warn the occupants in  a particular  target before striking!!”

This, as they party when they succeed in murdering as many Jews  as possible.

Yes, as I saw the crowds flee the pool my only thoughts were ,how could  we have forgotten to place that  call to Gaza..!

I was  watching  CNN yesterday. They reported that “Human Rights Watch” is very concerned with both the illegal Hamas actions of firing  at civilian populations and  equally,  Israel’s violation of  human rights  in their  actions. I suppose they were referring to the missed phone call.

Some of the accepted “facts” used by most “experts’ and commentators need a second look. One is “Gaza is  one of the most densely populated areas in the  world.”

Gaza is a city made up of  buildings that have an average of two – five stories.

Other cities of similar areas like Manhattan, Tel Aviv, Tokyo.etc.with buildings of twenty plus stories in the  same areas are  lessdensely populated?

The  reason why this myth is perpetuated by those who know better, is to create the feeling that Gaza is a place that is not  manageable in any way. It can only be tolerated as  best as possible.Nothing can be changed This  kind of  propaganda helped uproot thousands of Jews  from Gaza and close the gate.

Sharon told us then that “Now that we left Gaza totally, if they darel shoot even one rocket at us  from there..!.! Nu, nu..

When Rabin and Peres brought our ‘peace partner”, Arafat and his seventy  thousand angels from Tunis to our  land in 1993( Oslo accords), Rabin said  the following to his critics on the “right”:

“You are enemies of peace, you are frightening the people  with your dire  predictions. There never was a rocket  fired from Gaza and there never will be !”

Nu, nu.

We are told  by the Oslo apologists that there  were always rockets from Gaza, even before we left in 2005… Understand??

Another very popular libel finding increasing  acceptance by the “enlightened” world is the accusation that Israel is an “apartheid” state. Walk in any Israeli  mall or hospital and observe the Arabs suffering from Israeli apartheid.

They are the only Arabs in the Mid  East that enjoy full human and political rights.

So much for the “enlightened” world and  “facts”.

The wife of the head of the Palestinian Authority, Abbas, and  a family member of Hamas leader, Hania were recently treated in Israeli hospitals. Of course this humanitarian treatment won us their  appreciation and lots of friends…didn’t it??


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