oronA few nights ago unusual fireworks kept me awake. I knew it was coming from my Arab neighbors and later heard there were similar wild celebrations on the Temple Mount but did not understand why . Then I heard the Hamas claim that they captured an Israeli soldier, Oron Shaul during the fighting.

He was last accounted for as his armored vehicle was blown up. All his comrades were killed and his body has not been recovered. The last time an Israeli soldier was abducted , Israel traded over one thousand killers to get him back. That decision has already cost many Jewish lives.

Oron’s family refuses to accept that he is dead until a body is produced. Understandable.The country is wondering if we are in for another Gilad Shalit torment.

This situation once again presents in the brightest colors, the vast gulf between Jews and Arabs; yes, also”our own” pampered Israeli Arabs who were the ones that kept me up with their fireworks.

They delight in our torment,and our clinging to life. They scorn it and they savor every moment of our hand wringing. In their culture it proves just how weak we ultimately are.

It does not matter that we are proud of our values. It impresses no one in this neighborhood and does not always guarantee good results.

Related directly to this civilization gulf are some tidbits concerning Israeli Arabs in the last few days.

For example, a doctor in Shaarei Tzedek hospital posted on facebook her joy about the death of three of our soldiers in the fighting.

A medical student in the Technion, and a student at Ariel university, also publicly voiced their celebration of dead Jews.

Chaim Weitzman, Israel’s first president, was a man of science and education. He said, “The spread of education will certainly bring with it peace and understanding among those receiving its benefits”

Pursuing this vision,Israel has thrown open the doors of academia, medicine etc.. to its Arab citizens, employing a “reverse discrimination policy”.

A great man once said ,”love can not be bought with indoor plumbing and university degrees.” He may have had something…



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