Rabbi Joseph Grunblatt, zt’l
Rabbi Joseph Grunblatt, zt’l
Rabbi Joseph Grunblatt, zt’l

The upcoming 81st Annual Dinner of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim/RSA will iy’H pay tribute to Rabbi Joseph Grunblatt, zt’l. Rabbi Grunblatt was among those who played a pivotal role in guiding the progression from the Old World to the new and was one of the key rabbinic leaders of Orthodox Jewry in America over the past half-century.

His rabbinic career began in Saratoga Springs, New York, and followed to Montreal, Canada, where his leadership left an indelible mark on the entire Montreal community. In 1967, Rabbi Grunblatt assumed the position as the rav of the Queens Jewish Center, in which capacity he famously and ardently served for over 40 years.

A passionate advocate for Torah-true Judaism, Rabbi Grunblatt was a profound thinker who was able to articulate the Torah perspective on many of the issues confronting the American Jewish community. He selflessly dedicated his many talents and abilities to serve KlalYisrael. In his humble and unassuming way, he was a leader in reaching out to young people through programs such as NCSY, improving kashrus, upgrading the chevra kadisha, and providing advice and guidance to rabbanim of numerous communities and many communal organizations.

Stories of his amazing acts of chesed continue to surface; he was always ready to give of himself to provide help or chizuk to anyone in need. The sense of kavod ha’adam, dignity, he possessed and the genuine sincerity he exuded impressed others greatly. He was an extraordinary ba’al tefillah, and his heart-rending Neilah is legendary. He impacted thousands throughout his life, from longtime congregants to the occasional Shabbos visitor. His loss leaves a vacuum in KlalYisrael, but his memory continues to inspire.

Over his lifetime he forged a unique relationship with Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and the roshhayeshiva, Rav Henoch Leibowitz, zt’l. Rabbi Grunblatt always stood ready to assist the yeshiva. It was meaningful to him and a source of great pride that his son, Rav Akiva Grunblatt, is currently one of the rosheiyeshiva.

It is so fitting to perpetuate the memory of Rabbi Grunblatt, zt’l, by dedicating the Rabbi Joseph Grunblatt Halacha Library within the yeshiva’s beismidrash. Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim is proud to present the Rabbi Joseph Grunblatt zt’l Tribute, an initiative with Halacha Library sponsorship opportunities for those who wish to contribute l’iluynishmaso. For more information on sponsorships, please call 718-268-4700.

The dinner will honor Rabbi and Mrs. Yoni Schwartz of Cedarhurst, who will receive the Young Leadership Award; Rabbi and Mrs. Gershon Brafman of Kew Gardens Hills, Alumnus of the Year; and Dr. and Dr. Sheldon Greenberg of Hillcrest, Parents of the Year.

In conjunction with the annual dinner, the yeshiva celebrates its chagha’semichah, which will recognize the achievements of 17 new musmachim. The yeshiva embraces their noble achievements as they begin a new chapter in their lives, primed for sharing the beauty of Torah with KlalYisrael.

One facet of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim’s nationwide impact will be highlighted at the dinner, as six kiruv organizations across North America will be featured, along with their ambassadors–key individuals whose involvement has enabled these organizations to majorly impact the growth of Torah in each of their communities.

The outreach organizations being featured at this year’s event are Emet Outreach in Kew Gardens Hills; JEC South Florida in Boca Raton; JEP of Westchester; JET Ottawa; SAJE in Buffalo Grove, IL; and Southwest Torah Institute in Tucson. Mr. Roman Aminov, Esq., Dr. Eli Feen, Mr. Richard Goldstein, Mr. Dan Greenberg, Mr. Marvin Hilf, and Mr. Ron Sirt will be recognized as National Ambassadors of Kiruv.

The yeshiva has nearly 400 students at its Kew Gardens Hills campus and over 600 alumni providing Torah leadership to more than 110 communities across North America. The yeshiva invites all to join its efforts and participate in the upcoming dinner on November 23.


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