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Baila Sebrow Presents Singles Shabbaton For Ages 40—55

Singles ages 40—55: You asked for it; now you’ve got it. In three weeks, a special married-minded Shabbaton and gala melaveh malkah will be held in Lawrence, November 18—19....

Dating Forum: Can I Stop My Girlfriend From Being Jealous?

  Question I am dating this gal who always thinks that I am cheating on her. I am getting sick and tired of having to defend myself by telling her where...

Dating Forum: Is This Guy Smart Enough for Our Daughter?

  Question My wife and I are concerned about the guy our 24-year-old daughter is dating. While he is sincere in his middot and consistent with being kovei’a itim l’Torah every...

Dating Forum: My Guy’s Frumkeit Seems to Be Slipping

  Question I had been dating a guy — let’s call him Baruch — for about four months before the quarantine. In the last few weeks before we had to social...

Dating Forum: Shortsighted With Shidduchim

  Question: I’m very pretty — not drop-dead gorgeous, but I really am pretty and not just saying so. Everyone agrees. However, I’m about five feet tall. People say that I...

Dating Forum: Questions About Family With History of Bullying

  Question My life story is a little embarrassing. I’m 28 years old and my hair is mostly gray. I know it comes from stress. I’m not athletic or too smart,...

E-Dating in the Era of Social Distancing

Question I used to say no to girls who were geographically undesirable. If a girl lived anywhere more than a 15-minute drive away, I would say no if I was...

Dating Forum: I Just Want to Stay Single

  Question Why is it OK for a guy not to get married but the same is not OK for a girl? I have lots of friends and I make good...

Dating Forum: Why Are People Criticizing My Dream Man?

  Question I’m dating my dream man. He’s gorgeous, generous, and gives so much tzedakah. He is everything I want in my life partner. A lot of people say bad things...

Dating Forum: Saying Goodbye

  Question I dated a guy for a long time, but then I had second thoughts so I broke up with him. He asked me why, and I wasn’t really sure...
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