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Baila Sebrow Presents Singles Shabbaton For Ages 40—55

Singles ages 40—55: You asked for it; now you’ve got it. In three weeks, a special married-minded Shabbaton and gala melaveh malkah will be held in Lawrence, November 18—19....

Dating Forum: CyberCheating

Question I am 25 years old and I am dating a girl I really like. I think we will eventually get engaged. But I have been involved in an online...

Dating Forum Sneak Peak: Two Timing Techie

He has a great girlfriend. So why does he feel so close to an online acquaintance? Read this week's 5TJT Dating Forum as Baila Sebrow explains why this can...

Dating Forum: Is It Really Over?

Question: I was dating someone for a long time, but we broke up. He was very wishy-washy about everything. He couldn’t plan anything, and while we were dating, we ended...

Annual Singles Shabbaton in Lawrence for Ages 40–55

Mrs. Baila Sebrow, shadchan and 5TJT columnist, is proud to present the elegant annual Shabbaton and melaveh malkah for marriage-minded singles, ages 40–55, iy’H, November 16–17, Parashas Vayetzei, at...

Dating Forum: Marry the Daughter, Not the Parents?

Question Things were going very well with the girl I’m dating — until I met her family. It’s not just her family that turns me off; it’s that when she...

Dating Forum: Growing Apart in Love or Hashkafa?

Question: I come from a Modern Orthodox family as does the guy I’m dating. We both went to co-ed schools and camps. We actually met in camp while we still...

Dating Forum Sneak Peak: Growing Out Of Love

They started off on the same path but now they are growing apart. Was the path too long to start with or are they too different now? Learn more...

Dating Forum: For Love Or Money

Question: I was very young when I got married for the first time. When I came home from seminary I only dated boys who learned full-time, and that’s the type...

Dating Forum: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?

Question: I’m a mature man who has been dating for many years. Every woman I ask out will say that I treat her like gold. I take them to museums,...

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Hey For Hatzolah

The kindergarten children of HALB Lev Chana celebrated the letter ה with a visit from the Rockaway Nassau Ambulance Unit. This trip was organized...

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By: Aliza Zilberberg, Grade 8 Last Motzaei Shabbat, the Middle School students of Shulamith School for Girls enjoyed their annual melaveh malkah at the Cedarhurst...

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