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Ron Jager: Who to Believe?

A crisis is an event that leads to an unstable and dangerous situation affecting an individual, group, community, or society as a whole (Wikipedia). “The Chinese word for crisis...

Ron Jager: Afraid to Defy the Mob

  The atmosphere on the streets of the U.S., on the public airwaves, on social media, and in the papers prohibits any criticism whatsoever or any language that does not...

Letters to the Editor: Ron Jager and Respect for Gedolim

Respect For Gedolim Dear Editor, I sent this in response to Mr. Jager’s most recent column (“Coronavirus and the Mitzvah Bucket List,” May 8). Thought you would want to see it...

Ron Jager: Jewish Survival After The Holocaust

  As we commemorate the most pivotal event in the history of the world during the last millennium — the Holocaust and the annihilation of six million Jews — one...

Jager: Seriously Considering the ‘A’ Word?

With the High Holidays just passed, it seems as if the time has arrived to do an honest cheshbon nefesh concerning the inevitable “A” word: Aliyah. In a recent report...

Coronavirus and the Mitzvah Bucket List

  In 1981, as a young cadet in Officer’s Course of the IDF, I participated in a walking educational tour of the ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) neighborhoods of Jerusalem. Being in Israel...

Jager: Rocket Attacks and Snow Days

  By Ron Jager As a kid growing up on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, snow days were special events we waited for all winter long. As kids, we would...

Jager: Nothing Can Keep Netanyahu From Top Spot

Analyzing Israel's second national election in the short period of six months, I can say with certainty that Benjamin Netanyahu will be asked once again by Israel’s President Rivlin...

Jager: American Jewry in Total Denial

By Ron Jager Not a day goes by without Jews being shot in their synagogues, stabbed, bludgeoned, pushed to the ground, spat on, and cursed at. Graffiti on the walls...

Jager: Turning Elections Into a Binary Choice

By Ron Jager The juvenile “Mod Squad” of four freshman congresswomen accuses anyone critical of their clearly anti-American, antisemitic, and anti-Western rantings of being racists and fundamentally opposed to people...
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Spa Di Da: Experience The Magic!

There’s nothing more relaxing than heading to the spa and being pampered in the manner you so richly deserve. Adroitly balancing family and work...

Israel’s UN Ambassador: Mideast Jews Were Victims of the ‘Real Nakba’

(November 30, 2022 / JNS) Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan inaugurated an exhibit on Tuesday highlighting the expulsion of Jews from Middle East countries, calling...


There is a huge misconception in the world regarding being skinny. People think that their life will be so much better if they were...


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