In a sense the first presidential debate on Wednesday night was “do or die” for Governor Mitt Romney.  And Romney is apparently very much alive!

Governor Romney seemed to shine and even sparkle at the first debate at the University of Denver, while President Obama seemed lethargic, subdued and even distracted.  It seemed like the president really wanted to be elsewhere and as he mentioned, he may have preferred being out on a date with his wife, Michele, on the night of their 20th wedding anniversary.

Perhaps the most potentially prophetic insight from the president was that he promised Mr. Obama that their next anniversary would not be celebrated or marked in such a public arena.

President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney wave to the audience at the start of the presidential debate Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at the University of Denver. Craig F Walker, The Denver Post

After a long and arduous almost two year campaign the Romney campaign people understand well the fickleness of the American electorate.  There is little doubt today that of the election was held this week that Mitt Romney would be selected as the next President of the United States.   The objective now is how to sustain this edge that Mr. Romney has gained nationwide literally overnight.

While Romney seemed to excel and create an impression of both great knowledge and compassion, Obama seemed unsure and indecisive about where this country has been and where he intends to take it under his leadership.  News commentators pointed out through the night that it was not a matter of the president being rattled or off his game.  It was about a president who has heretofore gone unchallenged by the mainstream media and a man who has not had to answer for his failures over the last four years.

The excitement over the Romney performance on Wednesday was not so much about pithy statements or the glean in the candidates eyes.  It was more about the fact that for 90 minutes it seemed that there was a hope for the future of America and a direction out of the Obama quagmire that this country is stuck in.


  1. thats was a decisive victory for gov romney. anyone who thinks this wasnt a 1 sided win for romney is living in denial. for once the president had to face tough questions and not soft balls thrown by his adoring press corps.romney was polished and smooth and decisive. the president was hesitant and came off as very uncomfortabble in this setting probably because he knew his accountability was being called into question.


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