Rabbis Y. Goldberg, Y. Goodman, E. Horowitz, Bezalel Korn, Dov Bressler, Y. Horowitz,  and Dovid Goldwasser with Mr. Yossi Ross and his father-in-law
Rabbis Y. Goldberg, Y. Goodman, E. Horowitz, Bezalel Korn, Dov Bressler, Y. Horowitz, and Dovid Goldwasser with Mr. Yossi Ross and his father-in-law

A recent successful breakfast reception on behalf of Kollel Tiferes Avos under the leadership of Rabbi Dov Bressler and Rabbi Dovid Scheiner, with an overflowing crowd, ended with a renewed charge for the future.

Rabbi Bezalel Korn chaired the program which heard two daily kollel participants wax eloquent about their Torah growth. Mr. Nathan Finkiel, a retired mathematics teacher, spoke passionately about how his daily life has changed due to his commitment to daily shiurim involving in-depth Gemara studied with an eye on derivations of the final halacha. He also diligently attends the Thursday evening shiur in machshavah.

Mr. Yossi Ross, a successful and active insurance executive, explained what it meant to begin the day with concentrated study of Torah before taking care of business matters after midday. The power and light of the Torah thus pervades the entire day and transforms life itself to a more lofty height. And after all of that, his business is actually even more successful.

The highlight of the morning was when Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser captivated the audience by his inspirational talk about commitment to Torah at all stages of life. Learning and support of Torah must be total and pervade the person whether it is easy or difficult. Only then will one reap the great beneficence that a Torah life has to offer. Rabbi Goldwasser’s anecdotes and magnetic delivery galvanized the audience to want to be a part of a Torah life at any age.

These themes were extended by the rosh kollel who stressed how essential it was for everyone to be both a talmid and a teacher simultaneously. He elaborated on the words of Reb Zadok who explained that the only way a person can expand his potential and intellectual possibilities is by developing students. At the kollel, everyone is a student whether he attends the shiurim or participates as a chavrusa. And when he takes that knowledge gleaned from his rebbe or chavrusa and enhances someone else’s understanding, he acquires students for himself.

This theme to expand our Torah students of whatever age was picked up by many in the crowd who subsequently petitioned the kollel for additional shiurim during more time slots and in more topics. They have a request to help propel and develop similar kollelim in other neighborhoods. Even from places as far as Ramat Beit Shemesh inquiries have been received to use the expertise of the kollel to help all.

It was thus that a simple breakfast was converted to a clarion call for the future dissemination of kollel learning to more constituencies. If you are up to the challenge, contact Rabbi Bressler at BBressler@touro.edu or 718-327-8903. v


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