Gabriel Boxer, a k a The Kosher Guru, reports on his blog that the Seasons supermarkets are in financial trouble. Customers have reported that meats were missing from the refrigerated section and deliveries were slowing down.

Seasons’ New York locations include stores in Manhattan, Queens, Scarsdale and two stores in Lawrence. Seasons has additional stores in Baltimore, Maryland, Clifton, New Jersey and Lakewood, New Jersey.

The post continues by mentioning a meeting that took place recently with kosher supermarket giants such as Yossi Rubashkin and Ari Chitrick where ownership and management of the Seasons stores was discussed.

“As we’ve been told, Yossi, who is bringing competent managerial staff to the front, will be able to bring these stores up to their potential,” Boxer says in his blog. “Lawrence Garber, the original owner of SuperSol who sold to Seasons, will be taking back the Scarsdale store. Rubashkin and Chitrick are looking to sell some of the other Seasons stores like the ones located in Lakewood and Baltimore. The one in Cleveland that never made it to its debut will not be opening.”

Boxer specializes in media and marketing and is a kosher food and restaurant consultant.

His blog post continues by saying that the deal he was aware of may have already fallen through, as has happened many times with kosher supermarkets. “There is sure to be further news of what will take place within the Seasons chain.”

One thing is for sure: We will still be eating too much during the upcoming Yomim Noraim.


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