Martin Oliner

By Larry Gordon

These are potentially critical times and possibly even a time of crisis for religious Zionists and overall supporters of Israel. Here in the United States, the Religious Zionists of America (RZA) and co-president Martin Oliner feel that it is an important and urgent time for us to gather together, discuss the issues, and plot the way forward.

Rabbi Hershel Schachter

To that end, the RZA is hosting a Shabbaton in Manhattan over Shabbos, November 15–16 at the Fifth Avenue Synagogue. The featured speakers are Rabbi Hershel Schachter and Conference of Presidents leader Malcolm Hoenlein, both icons of the religious Zionist movement. Rabbi Schachter serves as RZA’s spiritual leader.

“Religious Zionism is in a sense under assault in Israel,” Oliner said. He says that the major matter of concern is the current negotiations between the leading political parties in Israel and the effort of those who lean left to marginalize, if not entirely derail, the influence of religious parties active in the political process in Israel.

Malcolm Hoenlein

“It is vital that we join together, listen to what those privy to the inside information have to say, and come up with a plan to protect our movement and our members,” Oliner said.

The event has been planned for next week because the life that many of us here and in Israel have grown accustomed to and support is now being called into question. Shedding light on these issues is the first important step in the direction of taking appropriate action.

There are special hotel rates at the San Carlos Hotel. For more information and reservations, call Bill Rothchild at 516-612-4245 or email


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