Michael Rollhaus is at it again, climbing stairs in the Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv on December 12 for the benefit of Standing Together, an organization that supports Israeli soldiers wherever they are. Michael Rollhaus has climbed the Chicago Presidential Towers three times, recently conquered the Empire State Building in New York, and now he is coming to Israel to climb the Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv. He is doing this to warm IDF soldiers–literally, and you can help him get to the top!

“This year I am climbing to help IDF soldiers stay warm and get the winter gear they need,” explains veteran stair-climber Michael Rollhaus. “I want our soldiers to know how much we care and appreciate their efforts so I am teaming up with Standing Together–and you–in order to purchase warm winter gear for Israel’s soldiers.”

This is not the first time Michael will be racing up Azrieli’s 147 flights of stairs, but this time he is excited to donate all proceeds to front-line IDF soldiers who will be spending the winter months in cold and very wet weather.

“In December, I will be climbing the Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv for the third time. The climb is comprised of three buildings, each one taller than the one before. The first time I climbed the towers, I was one of the few who managed to get through all three towers. I climbed 140 flights of dirty, smoke-filled stairs, and be’H I can’t wait to do it again.”

Standing Together, with the guidance of high-ranking IDF officers from elite units, has put together an operational winter-gear pack for IDF soldiers. These packs are not only designed to keep our soldiers warm but, more importantly, allow them to stay mobile and fully operational in all weather conditions. For more information, e-mail 247idf@stogether.org.


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