z7In the typical Yeshiva of Far Rockaway understated manner, a piece of paper went up on the doors of the beis midrash saying “There will be a siyum after the 10:00 p.m. Ma’ariv.” Over 50 bachurim came down and–with some rugelach, chips, and soda–a siyum was celebrated.

But this was the third double siyum celebrated this year.

Nechemya Bornstein made a siyum for the third time on Masechta Kesubos (last year’s masechta), and the tenth time on Masechta Kiddushin (a masechta from two year ago). This siyum was inspired by Rabbi Kalish’s practice and mantra that “chazarah is the ikar.”

To make this siyum, Nechemya put many extra hours into his chazarah, outside of the regular sedarim, where the bachurim learn this year’s masechta.

This week, another two siyumim were made: one by Asher Engle on Masechta Kesubos, and another by Yisroel Teitelbaum on Masechta Shabbos.

May they all continue to learn until they will all be mesayeim all of Shas. v

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