It doesn’t get any easier from there or here.  One of my daughters was in seminary during the height of the intifada a decade or so ago.  We were constantly on the phone in those days.  She would say, “Abba, I hear sirens,” and I would respond that there are still so-called routine emergencies like fires and people requiring hospitalization for various and sundry issues.  All the while I was scouring the news sites online for news to see what was going on.

War, though obviously necessary is never pretty or even something you adjust to. From a distant strategic perspective we are looking at a few difficult days ahead as well as another colossal Palestinian miscalculation.  The Arab world thinking revolves around the perceived Obama administration hostility toward Israel and the hope that the president would come down hard on Israel for mounting such an offensive into Gaza at this point in time.

That has not been the case so far and words emanating from the White House yesterday seemed very supportive of the Israeli operation.  And aside from right and sensible it is also good because it should be reiterated in word and deed that there is zero tolerance for terrorism. Certainly because Israel is so interested in peace and quiet for its citizens there is some—perhaps too much—tolerance for the buildup of terrorist strength on her borders.  Hopefully this operation in Gaza will signal an end to that type of absurd tolerance.

Let’s continue to hope and pray for the success of the IDF and the safety of all of Am Yisrael.


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