Ah school buses. A truly welcome sight for parents, not so much for children. The first few days of school are fraught with anxiety, wondering which bus is which. I always worry i am missing the bus, and once my child is on a bus, i worry its the wrong one.

You see, school buses bring us back to olden times. Before signs could be printed to let everyone know which school the bus is going to.

This shouldn’t surprise us much since its also before the age of seatbelt, car seat, and airbag laws.

The buses also dont have any communication system. They use manual transmission and diesel engines. Yup, our school buses provide a virtual history lesson to the kids as they drive them.

There’s no matron on board to supervise the students behavior so its a wild west on wheels – no anti bullying precautions here!

But soon enough, out school buses will be a regular part of our auto traffic, once again. So drive carefully and stop for the red lights!


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