President Obama spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu and PA President Mohammad Abbas this afternoon. The purpose was to affirm the US support for the planned start of negotiations on a peace deal between Palestinian and Israeli leaders. It seems that the best we can hope for is half of a peace deal between the two leaders.

And that’s because Mr. Abbas only represents half of the Palestinian people with the rest living in Gaza which is run by the avowed terrorists of Hamas. So what is a half of a peace really worth and what can we compare it to?

I’d say that a half of peace is not dissimilar to a half of a Falafel. I mean a half of a falafel is pretty satisfying and even filling but does not make you feel by any stretch as full as you would feel if you consumed an entire falafel.

A half is a half and Israel should not be required to reciprocate in any larger proportion than 50%. This means that just in case they are thinking about dividing Jerusalem, for example, I would suggest that under the current diplomatic structure and with diplomatic reality what it is that Israel be encouraged to surrender or withdraw from no more than 25% of Jerusalem or the West Bank. After all they have to save the other 25% for Hamas if they ever come around and decide they want a fair and at least mathematically equitable peace.

And as far as building in settlements communities are concerned, I can see reducing the building by 25% maximum. That mean if the construction workers begin their day at 9am that instead of finishing at 5pm, end the day at 3pm, that’s a 25% reduction.

Secretary of State John Kerry said this week that everything is on the table. And that’s good because I always like a little extra techina with my falafel. And yes this could be messy, so we are going to need a lot of napkins.


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