By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Yad Batya L’Kallah was founded in 1988 to provide support to brides in need.

“When my sister, my only sister, was nifteres, my life was ripped out of me. I had to think of a way to hold on to her–to hold on to the simcha, the laughter, the giggles, the chesed and giving that was her, since she never had a child. And Yad Batya was born,” says Ayala Berney, cofounder of the exemplary organization.

Overwhelmed though they were by the grief, Batya’s family immediately sought to create a charity that would perpetuate her precious life and be a treasured legacy for this exemplary ba’alaschesed, who had touched the lives of so many.

“We desperately wanted to create something big so that everyone would remember Batya’s name,” Ayala explains. “It was the only way to hold on to her. Hashem did a chesed and He fulfilled that need beyond our wildest dreams. When we started the organization, my concern was, ‘How would people hear about us and know to call us for help?’ But they just did. In the kitchen of my little apartment, the phone just started ringing and ringing. So many people wanted to connect and get involved. It was a revolution, transforming something so sad into something that brings so much happiness. That was Batya.”

She adds, “I personally get gratification when a request is made for chashuveh people, sometimes rosheiyeshiva or marbitzeiTorah, who are rich in Torah, rich in ruchniyus, rich in YirasShamayim, but who are lacking money. We have the tremendous z’chus to help their children build beautiful homes steeped in Torah. We have gained much more than they have.”

Unique in its noble mission, Yad Batya L’Kallah is truly a chesed organization like no other, operating with little overhead. All screening and delivery work is done by volunteers; there are no rent, office, telephone, or electricity expenses. Every donation to YBLK goes completely and directly to where it is most needed. It is the only organization of its kind that helps all communities throughout the United States and Yerushalayim.

Everything is done b’derech kavod u’tzniyus, with the utmost degree of respect and modesty. To ensure privacy within the organization, every bride is assigned an ID number, thereby protecting her identity; every detail of the YBLK process is orchestrated to perfection, with confidentiality and integrity paramount throughout. Each package is delivered with such discretion and sensitivity that most brides are completely unaware that they are YBLK recipients.

Each Yad Batya L’Kallah package is a kallah’s dream come true, as she and her chassan embark upon their happily ever after, building a bayis ne’eman b’Yisrael. Imagine a bride’s joy as she opens her YBLK package and finds elegant china (service for 8); Corelle dinnerware (service for 8); 9-piece stainless steel pots (meat); 7-piece stainless steel pots (dairy); 18/8 stainless flatware, service for 12; stainless flatware, service for 8; two quilts and two pillows; two sets of linen (choice of 48-inch or 39-inch); set of bath towels; two sets of dish towels (meat and dairy); food processor; toaster oven/broiler; hand mixer; iron; and a $200 gift certificate for personal items.

Yad Batya L’Kallah has provided for over 15,000 kallahs, from every community throughout the United States and Jerusalem. An exemplar of chesed, the organization is enthusiastically endorsed by esteemed rabbanim. “Here in our community, we have been recipients of your tremendous chesed, and the hakarasha’tov we have is endless,” said Rav Yaakov and Rebbetzin Bryna Bender of Yeshiva Darchei Torah.

“Our interaction with Yad Batya L’Kallah has impressed us with the phenomenal chesed and hachnassaskallah this organization has accomplished. It is certainly worthy of the community’s support,” said Rav Dovid and Rebbetzin Leah Cohen, Congregation G’vul Yaavetz, Brooklyn.

Says Rabbi Dovid Ozeiry, Congregation Yad Yosef, Brooklyn, “Over the past 25 years, Yad Batya L’Kallah has come to the rescue of numerous needy brides in our community. We are forever indebted to them.”

“I’m so proud to know the wonderful people involved in Yad Batya L’Kallah personally,” said Mrs. Naomi Sutton, Ateret Bet Yaakov, Brooklyn. “I admire them and appreciate everything they have done for our girls and for so many bnos Yisrael.”‘

“Feeling secure brings true joy to the hearts of a new chatan and kallah,” says Rabbi Shmuel Soleimani, Persian Congregation of Flatbush. “This is the essence of the mission of Yad Batya L’Kallah. They deserve our full support.”

For the dedicated volunteers who give selflessly of themselves, YBLK is a labor of love. The devotion of these special individuals is immeasurable. “When I hear Yad Batya L’Kallah, I see Batya’s face in front of me–her wide, exuberant smile,” says H.C., delivery coordinator for YBLK. “Batya liked making people happy. I remember once referring a family to YBLK. The package arrived promptly. It was awesome. Not only was it the monetary savings…you can’t imagine the relief that all the items are bought for you. Also, YBLK gives so much more since the items are bought at wholesale prices. By giving items, we can be sure the money goes directly to set up the kallah’s home b’derech kavod.”

Yad Batya L’Kallah cordially invites all women and high school girls to one of the year’s most highly anticipated events, the annual benefit auction, celebrating 27 years of hachnassaskallah. This celebratory event will take place on Tuesday, February 17 at the Kingsway Jewish Center, 2902 Kings Highway in Brooklyn. Auction viewing begins at 7:00 p.m.; speaker at 8:30. The event will honor Mrs. Michele Scholar for her commitment to chesed and to our community, and will feature a presentation by Dr. David Lieberman, Ph.D. The author of two New York Times bestsellers, among other books, Dr. Lieberman has appeared on over 200 programs worldwide as an expert in his field of human behavior and interpersonal relationships. The elegant evening will feature catering by Premiere Events, a fleishig buffet, sushi bar, and desserts.

The auction will feature a stellar selection of fabulous prizes. This is an evening you won’t want to miss! Visit or e-mail Tizku l’mitzvos!


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