An ad in this weeks 5TJT will hopefully be a catalyst that bring the parties together and settle differences.

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  1. Anonymous said…
    Rabbi Yaakov Bender et al says the issue is very simple;

    We the Frum Aguda, yeshivish, Bnei-Torah worked very hard all these years to become part and parcel with the the modernah Rabbonim (YUnik’s), no others want to break apart that alliance and separate the Mizrachi from Agudah R”L.

  2. Anonymous said…
    Oh! and that why they put in the Secular Chareidi (Rabbi Eisen) to run the Vaad Hakashrus?

    So, yes it’s past due to separate.

    On which side of the fence is Rabbi Bender? I think I get the feeling.

  3. Obviously the 5 Towns Vaad did not get paid off by Chimichurri to keep things civil. I find the childish game the 5 Town Vaad is playing disgraceful and typical of the blackmail that goes on by the Vaad towards those they certify. It is absolutely ridiculous that the 5 Town Vaad is not hauled into a court of Law and the entire Vaad is imprisoned for their blackmail of a legitimate (and delicious) business. Because of their disgusting behavior I have tripled my purchases at Chimichurri.


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