Rambam Mesivta

After 30 years of success educating the leaders of tomorrow at 15 Frost Lane in Lawrence, Rambam Mesivta is proud to announce that it will be bringing its commitment to Torah, middos, and excellence to its brand new $12 million facility at Mott Avenue. The new home, built from start to finish in under one year’s time thanks to Chris Stefan and the herculean efforts of Ben Diamond, Frank, Artie, Alla, and Daniel of the One Seventy Group and especially Rosh Mesivta Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman and Assistant Rosh Mesivta Rabbi Avi Herschman, is double the size of the former Rambam building and was crafted in mind to meet the needs and challenges of 21st century education. Funding for the building was primarily provided by community members, Rambam alumni, and many others who wish to remain anonymous.

At the heart of the new building, fittingly so, is a magnificent beis midrash /shul that can seat hundreds of people. Additionally, the beis midrash will iy’H, serve as a true Makom Torah where alumni, community members, and Rambam family members will be able to learn after school hours. The new building will also feature a Holocaust memorial center to remind all of the students, family, and visitors of the central role that the mitzvah of Zachor should play in our lives.

The new Rambam gym is a state-of-the-art, next generation arena that features balcony seating, flatscreen scoreboards, modern home and guest locker rooms, and a streaming booth. The gym is large enough so that even during gym classes a variety of sports can be played at once and there will be something for everyone.

Other highlights of the new building are a cutting edge Bio/Chem Lab and a STEM Maker-Space designed by Rambam students. The lunchroom is also a key feature of the building with an open floor-plan that allows for cross-pollination of the grades.

The building is a large facility but Rambam is still cultivating the small-school, big idea mindset, creating spaces that allow each student to get to know one another in a meaningful way.

Rambam is proud to be able to open the new building and to continue to take the core values of its mission to the world to the next level, at a new location. New building. Same Rambam Man.


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