By Larry Gordon

By Larry Gordon

We have turned yet another corner and now the races are on. Arguably, these days it is always a political season of sorts, but as we head in the direction of Election Day 2021, the political season is intensifying and there is a lot going on.

What we have learned over the last nine months is that America does not work well when one party controls the essential branches of government—the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

Our government, unfortunately, has become a collection of people with either an ax to grind or a personal philosophical ambition that disregards the impact or the consequences of the legislation they pass on the people they are supposed to be serving.

There is a certain type of mutuality occurring here, as too many representatives do not have any concern or respect for the people, and, conveniently, polls on the matter show that the people hold Congress and now the president in historically low regard.

This past Sunday was a politically jam-packed day. In the Five Towns, it started with a NORPAC meeting to benefit the campaign of a very impressive member of the House now seeking reelection for a second term. I cannot share too many details of what the Democrat congresswoman from Virginia, Elaine Luria, had to say as these types of conclaves are largely off the record.

I can tell you, though, that she is a staunch supporter of Israel in Congress. She is well-meaning and committed to serving the people she represents. You can check out her biography online and you will see that she served in the U.S. Navy for 25 years and possesses extraordinary expertise in the nature of our aircraft carriers stationed around the world.

Her election is more than a year away, but members of the House never really stop running for office, so it is never too early to begin campaigning or raising money so that they can promote themselves for reelection.

The fact of the matter is that the country will have to do its best to tread water and stay afloat until the 2022 midterm elections. Democrat leadership in Washington—not necessarily Democrats—is determined to redefine the identity of the United States of America.

They didn’t say it in exactly these words, but Joe Biden and other Democrat leaders essentially said they were going to ruin America—and they are doing their best to achieve that. The good news is that an increasing number of Americans now get it and will hopefully deal with the matter accordingly next year.

The bad news is that a lot of damage can still be done to the country between now and then, but our system of government demands that we be patient and deal with the Democrats’ undermining of the country at the polls next year.

That is not the case here in Nassau County where in a few weeks there will be several important elections that can serve as a gauge as to where the country may be headed.

{IMG Bruce Blakeman event – inside.jpg

{Caption: Congress members Lee Zeldin, Nicole Malliotakis and Andrew Garbarino join with Peter King to endorse and support Bruce Blakeman for County Executive!

To that end, this past Sunday evening, a fundraising event was held for our longtime friend, Town of Hempstead Councilman Bruce Blakeman. The councilman is facing off against incumbent Nassau County Executive Laura Curran.

Blakeman enunciated the stark contrast between him and the current Democrat incumbent, illustrating statistics that show crime has increased significantly here in Nassau County, with a recent uptick in shootings and gun violence in otherwise quiet, low-crime communities like Garden City and several others.

Bruce also talked about the significant tax increases and planned future tax increases in the county under Ms. Curran and how housing in all areas of the county is becoming increasingly unaffordable. Blakeman said about his race against Curran and the race for county district attorney, featuring longtime prosecutor Anne Donnelly and State Senator Todd Kaminsky, that “Republicans have the ability to take the county back on November 2.”

The race for DA—a vitally important one—is really about one issue: the no-cash bail that has been the catalyst for large increases in crimes being committed not just in Nassau County or New York but in Democrat-dominated cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. This is an issue that touches all citizens regardless of where they live.

Ms. Donnelly told the Long Island Herald earlier this year that she is running for DA to rectify the no-bail law which she claims Kaminsky authored. I discussed the matter last week with Senator Kaminsky and he directly repudiated the claim that he was the bill’s author, saying that it is just not factual.

In my exchange with Todd I mentioned that the increase in crime and anti-Semitic attacks are a key concern in our community because we are readily identified as Jews, and, in many cases, as Orthodox Jews, by our appearance, which, unfortunately, turns many of us into targets.

Kaminsky acknowledges that the no-bail bill allows perpetrators of sometimes violent crimes to be turned out of police custody, on the same day they may have been arrested, just to commit more crimes.

The no-cash-bail bill was modified as part of last year’s budget agreement, which gives judges the discretion to detain some of those charged on bail, a modification that Kaminsky says still needs another look and fine-tuning. In the meantime, however, crime statistics continue to climb on Long Island as well as in the rest of New York.

Back to our political morning last Sunday, the event chairman, Stanley Stern, said in his introduction of Congresswoman Luria that there are really two squads in the House today—the one that grabs all the headlines and the one to which Congresswoman Luria belongs, which deals with sensible, responsible, and important legislation.

There was no talk about the seemingly imploding and low-rated Biden presidency or the effort to pass multi-trillion-dollar bills that missed their deadlines last week.

At the Republican event on Sunday evening for Bruce Blakeman, Nassau County Republican Party Chairman Joe Cairo said that President Biden was indeed accurate when he said that the almost $5 trillion in what they call “human infrastructure spending” did in fact cost us nothing so far, because the House failed to vote on both bills last week.

This is not just the start of an important politically energized month but the tip-off to the year ahead. The Nassau County elections are being closely watched as an indicator of the sense and priorities of the national electorate. The choices are: do we want America redefined, as liberal Democrats suggest, or do we want our country back?

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