How many times have we mothers exclaimed, “This room looks like a hurricane came by here!”? Well Hashem showed us how much of that was pure exaggeration. Hurricane Sandy really tore apart our region and our lives and it is hard to know when and how we will ever really recover. The costs are astronomical in financial and emotional terms. Houses and lives swept away all throughout New York and New Jersey.

After much crying wolf in the past, most chose not to evacuate and try to hold on here and make do by stocking up. Unfortunately many lives were in danger because of that. Even those who did heed advice and evacuated could not be prepared for their entire homes to be destroyed. Even those who did not face danger to their homes are still facing dangerously cold homes and lack of food, gas, and power.

It’s hard to determine who reacts to the stress worst — parents who comprehend all that’s going on or children who are expected to do as they’re told (when has that happened in the past?) and not complain about the sudden changes in their lives.

Whatever the case, there have been bursts of ahavas Yisrael to be thankful for. Many hosts and hostesses who opened their homes to whole families put out. Nachi Light of Qcumbers and the Wolowiks and Geisinskys of Chabad of the Five Towns for hosting a warming party for recharging hearts and phones, complete with fresh delicious free food and children’s activities. Finally, Achiezer for coordinating evacuation messages and a free Shabbos food event.

We should probably all bentsch gomel that we are here and reading this. Let’s hope this mabul was the final preparation for Moshiach.


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