Already reeling from staggering tuition expenses, yeshiva parents are now feeling the pain of steadily increasing tutoring costs. With tutoring rates now averaging in excess of $75 per hour, parents who could barely afford tuition in the first place are now completely overwhelmed.

Take the example of Devorah Hirsch*, a single mother from Englewood, New Jersey, whose daughter, Sarah, was struggling with her geometry. As a commuting lawyer with long working hours, Devorah didn’t have the time to help her daughter with her homework and found herself spending several hundred dollars per week on tutors. As she said, “What could I do but grin and bear it while cutting back on everything else?”

A breakthrough solution comes to the rescue! As the expression goes, every problem creates an opportunity. Luckily for Devorah, her brother introduced her to Tutorial Channel, an online shomer-Shabbos tutoring service that has been providing its services to students nationwide. The company has tutors in the basic elementary and high school subjects with a specialization in math and Regents preparation.

“I couldn’t believe how good the tutors were,” says Devorah. She used the channel for her daughter’s math help and was able to reduce her tutoring expense by over 50%.

Students who subscribe to Tutorial Channel can schedule their own lesson with a tutor at any time of their choice–day, evening, and weekend–so that they don’t have to sacrifice their favorite sports or entertainment activities. And the convenience of not having to deal with meeting at a specific time and place saves money and maximizes the time spent on actually teaching and learning, rather than on traveling and finding a parking spot.

According to Barry Reichman, founder and president of Tutorial Channel, the key to the channel’s success is the energizing dedication and positive attitude of its tutoring staff. “We have organized the crème de la crème of tutoring talent, drawn from among the top university graduates. Their focus is to demonstrate to students that with the will to succeed, everyone can excel.”

Ellen Fink*, a high school student and former Long Island resident, was having a hard time with algebra. She was working regularly with a local tutor but couldn’t afford to get enough tutoring to keep up with the course. She had doubts about whether the online format would work for her, but after being introduced to Tutorial Channel, she was reassured by the personal feel of the tutoring experience. She was particularly impressed by the tutors’ ability to simplify complex math concepts, and by their warm and cheerful demeanor.

“I could not believe it when I scored in the mid 80s on my Regents exam!” she says.

Ellen continued to use the Tutorial Channel for her math work all through college and for help in studying for her GRE.

Mrs. Sima Weinstein* of Monsey, New York, needed a passing grade on her teacher certification exam: “After failing three times, I was at my wit’s end. Then I came across Tutorial Channel. I was very hesitant at first, but I spoke to a friendly telephone rep who assured me that if I was not 100% satisfied, there would be no charge. So I figured I had nothing to lose.”

The rest is history. Mrs. Weinstein gives credit for passing the exam to Tutorial Channel’s patient tutor who “never got tired of explaining it to me one more time. And then one more time again. She gave me the confidence to succeed.”

According to Barry Reichman, parents can now sleep peacefully knowing that they can provide their child with high-quality tutoring without feeling the financial pinch.

*Names have been changed.


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