By Larry Gordon –

Israel’s Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon says he has had enough. The Likud MK is at loggerheads with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his facilitation of what he says are unreasonable demands being made in tandem on Israel by the Palestinians and US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Danon has said that he plans to resign as the deputy minister if the last release of 26 terrorist murderers goes forward as expected in the next few days. “We are paying a high price for nothing,” Danon said from his Knesset office on Monday afternoon in Israel. He said that Kerry was rushing back to Israel to pressure the government to release the murderers in exchange for the Arab side to stay in the process for another six months.

Mr. Danon says that as has been reported over the weekend there is now talk about Israel releasing am additional 400 Palestinians, mostly lower level offenders as some kind of twisted compensation for delaying the release of the 26 murderers. Frankly, it’s just an unbelievable and unfathomable way of thinking that no other country in the world would subject itself to. “we are paying the Arabs for process,” says the Member of Knesset.

An additional hold up to the release is the Palestinian demand that 14 Arabs with Israeli citizenship also be released. The release of these 14 as well as the additional 400 would require a new government vote and Danon does not believe that at present Netanyahu has the votes to approve those releases. And that is why is has been reported that the US is offering to release Jonathan Pollard as part of the deal. While it is still an awful deal it is also important that Pollard be freed. According to Danon without Pollard there will be no deal. More on our conversation with MK Danny Danon in this week’s 5TJT.


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