“A Tribute”
By Arlene Kushner
Howard Grief, z”l, passed away yesterday here in Jerusalem.  To those of us who work closely on issues concerning Jewish rights in the land and Jewish sovereignty, he provided not only an enormous amount of historical and legal information, but a perspective. He served as an inspiration because of his tireless dedication, even in the face of severe illness. 
I dedicate this posting to him, so that all who read this should know the debt we owe to him.
An international lawyer, born and educated in Montreal, Grief made aliyah in 1989 and served as a legal adviser in international law on matters pertaining to the Land of Israel for the ministry of Professor Yuval Ne’eman, during the administration of Yitzhak Shamir.
As he did his extensive research, Grief developed the thesis that de jure sovereignty over the entire Land of Israel was vested in the Jewish People as a result of the Resolution of the San Remo Conference, adopted in April 1920, which made reference to the Balfour declaration.
He lectured and wrote on this issue extensively, and in 2008 authored his comprehensive treatise, The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law.
Here you can see a position paper on the subject he wrote for the Ariel Center for Policy Research:
And here an enlightening video in which he makes his thesis clear:
Baruch Dayan HaEmet. Receive our gratitude, Howard Grief, and rest in peace.

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