From: Dov Lipman

Hello everyone.  If this alone is what I came to the Knesset for it was worth it.

A few weeks after we entered the Knesset, Michael Freund contacted me and said that the previous government shut off funding for the aliyah of the Bnei Menashe from nothern India.  They have held onto the tradition for thousands of years that their home is Israel and that they come from Menashe. All of the chief rabbis have verified that they come from the Jewish people (they convert when they arrive just to be safe).

I contacted Finance Minister Yair Lapid and without hesitation he approved the funding for their aliyah.

This morning I went to the airport to greet the last flight until we get the next approval.  It was a very emotional experience.  Seeing their happiness, their joyful singing of v’shavu banim ligvulam, and the fervor with which they kissed the large mezuzah at the entrance to the arrival hall was incredibly inspiring and the uplifting experience I certainly needed in this difficult time.


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