A Vote For Lawrence People’s Party Is a Positive Vote for Change


By The Lawrence People’s Party

On Tuesday, September 15, at the Lawrence Yacht & Country Club, residents of Lawrence will go to the polls to select who will represent them to tackle the key issues facing our village in the coming years. Danny Goldstein, the Lawrence People’s Party’s candidate for mayor, and his slate of trustee candidates, namely Bruce Backman, co-founder of Re-Open New York along with Dr. Joel Preminger, are ready and prepared to work tirelessly to fight for what is in our community’s best interest.

Among their many priorities is their united opposition to the over-development of the Five Towns. The entire slate is concerned about the re-development of the Woodmere Club and is working tirelessly to stop the creation of a 6th town and what it could spell for local traffic, property values, and the local ecological environment.

Additionally, the entire slate is unified that we must hold the line on all future tax increases as we navigate this horrific coronavirus pandemic. Now is not the time to increase taxes; rather, our party is focused with laser-like precision on all cost-saving measures that include reigning in village spending and contracting. These belt-tightening measures will permit us to explore and begin to invest in the items residents need and want, like a centrally located state-of-the-art playground with sensory features designed to benefit all of our younger residents and especially those with special needs.

The village is also in need of better street lighting and a more aggressive well-thought-out plan for infrastructure improvements. Many of our roads and sidewalks are in dire need of repair. If these investments are not made, they will continue to deteriorate.

Crime is on the rise locally, partially as a result of rising unemployment and partially due to regional and national community instability. Our Nassau County police officers do an outstanding job of protecting our neighborhood, but additional help from a combination of peace officers and a privately hired local security service could prove vital at keeping our village among the safest places to live. This local and inexpensive security service will provide an extra eye on our streets, providing residents with additional peace of mind in these trying and uncertain times.

Since Superstorm Sandy almost eight years ago, the village and many other neighboring municipalities have discussed moving our local electric lines underground. The recent storm this summer which left many homeowners without power for days was but another reminder that moving power lines underground is not a matter of if, but when. This is a costly proposal and will not be achieved overnight, but we must band together with our power utilities as well as local and state officials to develop a comprehensive and affordable plan that will protect our residents from the consequences and challenges brought on by severe storms, blizzards, and hurricanes.

More must also be done to help our local businesses adversely affected by COVID-19; free parking for Village of Lawrence residents in our parking lots is a small consequential gesture that will pay dividends to our local businesses. Besides being a great perk for our shops and restaurants, it is also a true value-added benefit to our treasured residents.

Campaigns for public office can get nasty and, sadly, this one has been no different, but beneath the surface all voters have an opportunity to truly decide their futures. The People’s Party’s comprehensive agenda is focused on the future; it seeks to preserve what is loved most about the Village while improving the many aspects of life in Lawrence that can be better.

This Tuesday, September 15, between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. at the Lawrence Yacht & Country Club, vote “ROW B” for change and a better tomorrow.

Know Your Ballot

It has been pointed out by Lawrence Village Trustee candidates that because of a quirk in NYS Election law, the ballot is very confusing. Note that there are four trustees in one column and two in the other. It suggests that four people are competing for one seat and two for the other. This is not the case. The top two vote-getters win. Village of Lawrence voters can vote for two people in one column.


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