Annual student powwow at YCQ
Annual student powwow at YCQ
Annual student powwow at YCQ

ycq-boysThe students at YCQ have been busy with their fall projects, afterschool activities, and athletic programs. To learn about appreciation, the grade 5 students created a tree with an individual leaf from each student stating something they are thankful for. The faculty was also invited to place a leaf on the tree.

Grade 4 students enjoyed their annual powwow that coincides with their study of Native Americans and their creative research projects. The students loved watching real Native Americans dance as well as talk about their culture.

In science lab, grade 2 students began their unit on weather and natural disasters. They each made their own tornado in a bottle using bottles they’ve been recycling since the beginning of the year.

The boys’ hockey team began the season with a big 9—1 win; boys’ varsity basketball team beat Brandeis 55—14; boys’ JV and girls’ basketball teams began their season as well. The Torah Bowl team participated in their first meet of the season, with the boys’ and girls’ teams each winning two games.

When walking through the halls after school, the sounds of music are penetrating the halls with band practice, and the mishmar groups are enjoying Torah learning through activities and skits. E2K participants are working on coding in order to build their robots, and the STEM club (SET3) has been learning about pollution through experiments on how certain items that can only be broken down using harsh chemicals instead sit in landfills taking up space and damaging the land.

Students on the debate team had their first match against other area yeshivot, debating on the topic of whether or not the United States should build a wall along the Mexican border, with Rachelle Winokur and Shira Schwartz winning first-place partnership, as well as awards in individual categories.


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