Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas addresses the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly, at U.N. Headquarters on Sept. 30, 2015. (AP/Richard Drew)

T. Belman. I have read a number of reports on this speech at the WSJ, NYT, Guardian etc.. They all misrepresent what the Oslo Accords provides. The Accords do not assure the PA of statehood and do not make mention of the armistice lines. They do not restrict settlement construction in Area C. They do not call for a divided Jerusalem. What it does do among other things, is stipulate that all final status issues are to be resolved by negotiations. The only reason that these issues have not been resolved is because the PA was unwilling to negotiate and unwilling to compromise which is the essence of negotiations.

So long as Oslo applies, there is little pressure on Israel to give the Arabs citizenship. That’s a good thing. Plus 90% of the Arabs are totally ruled by the PA. That’s also a good thing except that the PA violates Oslo by inciting to violence. Israel chooses not to do anything about it.

Unfortunately the world community blames Israel for the impasse.

‘Our patience has come to an end,’ PA leader declares to UN, calling on world to recognize Palestinian state; Netanyahu blasts ‘deceitful’ speech


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday that the PA would cease to abide by agreements signed with Israel, including the 1993 Oslo accords, claiming Israel had shown that it, too, was no longer committed to them.

“So long as Israel refuses to commit to the agreements signed with us, cease settlement construction and release prisoners, Israel has left us no choice but to insist that we will not remain the only ones committed to these agreements,” Abbas told the UN General Assembly in New York.

Israel, he said, must now “fully assume all its responsibilities as an occupying power… our patience for a long time has come to an end.”

“The state of Palestine, based on the 4th of June 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, is a state under occupation, as was the case for many countries during World War II,” Abbas declared. “Our state is recognized by 137 countries around the world and the right of our people to self determination, freedom and independence is recognized globally as being inalienable and unquestionable.”

Abbas accused the Israeli government of running “an apartheid regime” in the West Bank. Israel “insists on continuing its destruction of the two-state solution and on entrenchment of two regimes on the ground,” he charged. “An apartheid regime that is currently imposed on the territory of the state of Palestine and against the Palestinian people on the one hand, and another regime of privileges and protection to the Israeli settlers on the other hand.”

The Israeli government later rejected the speech as “deceitful” and called for renewed peace talks.

Abbas also warned in his speech that Israel was in danger of turning a political conflict into a religious one, saying that its recent actions on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount holy site represented an attempt to …read more

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