Note: To provide some perspective on the nearby article by Jeff Ballabon, the 5TJT presents the following facts and ideas for the reader to consider.

AIPAC is a registered lobbying agent for the State of Israel. Unlike NORPAC, ZOA, ADL, AJC, and others, AIPAC, by law, must be nonpartisan. It is there to make Israel’s case to the U.S. government and people. Its job is to represent the views of the current Israeli government.

AIPAC has a history of toeing the line for Labor and Likud governments. It has been accused of being right wing and left wing–depending on which government’s views are being represented at the time.

Many agree that AIPAC didn’t really lose the Iran vote. Some argue that Obama used powers that are questionable at best, unconstitutional at worse. AIPAC did get many Democrats to vote against the Iran deal.

AIPAC does not belong to the Likud, Labor, Bayit Ha Yehudi, etc. It is not there to reflect a particular political view. Overall, AIPAC has done a remarkable job since its inception in getting the U.S. to see that the interests of Israel and the U.S. are in most cases identical. AIPAC has managed to be viewed as serious and nonpartisan. This is no small feat.

By having Republican and Democratic members, AIPAC is able to have a voice in almost every congressman and senator’s office. The same has been true of presidential candidates. Obama is the exception. Many view him as a “J Street president” and speculate that he hates AIPAC.

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