By Malkie Gordon Hirsch

We’ve grown up thinking that that phrase “abracadabra” was a portal to something magical happening, and maybe there’s some truth to that.

But those words mean more than meets the eye.

In Hebrew, the term translates to “I create what I speak.” But is that the way things actually happen? Can one manifest into actuality things that started out as mere thoughts or words? What actually happens once thoughts turn to spoken word?

That was the subject to a recent live Instagram story that I stumbled across a few months back, right before yontif. The title pertained to how to manifest the things you want in the New Year.

I don’t know what compelled me to press on a live during the early afternoon, but now it’s a subject I’ve become increasingly familiar with as I’ve explored the ability of positive affirmations and manifesting the things you want in life by merely speaking them out loud.

Anyway, the woman being interviewed used the word “abra” from “abracadabra” to break down the ways we manifest the things we want.

A – Ask

Ask with intention and don’t stumble around what you want by being unclear.

Ask with certainty and write down what you want and read it back, aloud. Make it a reality by letting your words out into the universe.

After all, thoughts become words, and words become actions. Never underestimate the power of words. Not only do people around you hear what you speak of, but so do people and beings that you can’t see. And once you ask, you have to…

B – Believe

If you don’t believe in the possibility of certain things happening, can it actually come to fruition?

Never preface anything you yearn for but don’t think can happen with “It’ll never happen” or “I can’t do that” or “How is that possible?”

Don’t question the ways of the universe or the Being Who runs it all. Miracles happen every day, in a revealed way and secretly as well. All you need to do is believe that anything’s possible. Once that’s done, you’re able to:

R – Receive

There’s something called “the manifestation conversation” that was referenced in this particular interview that simply fascinated me.

It made so much sense and helped me understand that sometimes we’re the only ones standing in our own way when it comes to getting the things we want in this world.

The abundance (shefa) is blocked when we:

1. Complain

2. Compare

3. Control

When my kids complain to me, I either get upset or tune out because I don’t want to listen.

When I compare myself to others or look at what they have, it blocks the ability to self-introspect in a healthy and respectful way. It creates jealousy and prevents G-d from giving when the things you have aren’t appreciated.

There’s nothing more liberating than relinquishing a control we think we have.

In reality, we don’t control, but when we’re able to give it over to G-d and trust that things will happen the way they’re meant to, regardless of our illusion of control, we become a vessel that’s able to accept the bounty that G-d wants us to have.

We just have to learn to accept it in the manner it’s given. And once we receive the things we ask for and believe it’s what we’re deserving of, we need to:

A – Acknowledge

Understand where the blessings in your life came from (G-d), and take notice.

Give thanks for all of it and promise to use the gifts given to you with the best intention.

When praying to G-d, instead of opening up with “I’d love A, B, and C,” start with acknowledging how much you have and how much you appreciate it all.

Only then is it appropriate to make a request.

There’s a beautiful story from the Maharal about Moshe Rabbeinu ascending Har Sinai and witnessing Hashem placing crowns on the letters of the luchot. Moshe stopped and watched in awe as anyone would do when observing an act from such greatness. But when Hashem turned to Moshe and asked him why he didn’t make himself known or ask Hashem if He could use assistance, that’s where we see that even the King of Kings, the One responsible for the creation of everything, has a certain type of expectation of His creations, of us.

He, like any parent who loves providing for their children’s needs, likes for us to be respectful, courteous, and to understand our place—alongside, not in charge.

When we’re able to recognize what we’re here for, how extensive our abilities are, and how blessed we should feel for being given a life full of endless opportunities, then we create a well within us that’s available to be filled with the wants and needs we have the power to manifest.

When you thank anyone, you say it out loud.

When you thank Hashem, you do it for others to hear.

When you pray for things in life, you turn thoughts into speech and speech into action.

The link between the spiritual worlds and physical world is through speech.

That speech is heard beyond this world and has the power to be granted.

Always be aware that there’s a magic in speech. Like a magician waving his wand and chanting “abracadabra” to make things appear, so too can the words you speak, the manifestations you practice.

Malkie Gordon Hirsch is a native of the Five Towns community, a mom of 5, a writer, a social media influencer, veteran real estate agent, and runs a patisserie in Woodmere.

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