By Salomon Benzimra

“There are some ideas so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them” (George Orwell) 

Columbia University Professor Joseph Massad is blind to reality.  His virulent anti-Zionist streak leads him to the most laughable constructs:  In The last of the Semites,” Massad wants us to believe that the Zionist effort to remove the Jews from Europe in the 1930s and 1940s (to save them from imminent extermination) is undistinguishable from Nazi anti-Semitism! 

Two parties can be ferociously opposed to each other’s ideologies and yet unite temporarily to pursue a common strategic objective.  If Massad is not aware of this reality, he should revisit WWII and extend his ludicrous parallels between the Zionists and the Nazis to the British-American Allies who pursued the same military objective as the Soviets, while they despised Stalin’s ideology.  Is this too hard for Massad to comprehend? 

It is clear that the sole purpose of Massad’s article is to delegitimize Israel.  This tiresome propaganda — driven primarily by envy, and buttressed by bankrupt Marxist dogmas and their unholy alliance with radical Islam — has been peddled over and over again to little or no effect.  Now, Massad tries a new thread, plucked out of ludicrous fantasies, without the slightest corroborating facts and with omissions galore not to disturb his narrative. 

And so we read one enormity after another in Massad 4,000-word article:

  • The ancestral connection of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel was concocted by the Protestant Reformation;
  • Most Jews were opposed to Zionism, up to the 1940s;
  • Lord Balfour was an anti-Semite;
  • The Nazis and the Zionists showed “ideological similitude”;
  • The totalitarianism inherent in Nazism and Communism was mere U.S. propaganda;
  • The (derisively called) “Judeo-Christian civilisation” was the product of European and American white supremacy, now turned against Arabs and Muslims;
  • The current relations between Germany and Israel are a continuation of past Nazi policies;
  • Israel and Zionism were not the victims of Nazis because “[the Nazis] killed the majority of Jewish enemies of Zionism”;
  • The Palestinians are the only remaining “Semites” and the last remaining bastion against anti-Semitism;
  • The Jews “have nothing to do with Palestine”;
  • The Zionist project is aggressive, colonialist, imperialist and tainted by “racial discrimination”;
  • The Jews had their “nations” in Europe before they “forcibly settled the land of another people”;
  • Israel’s claim of being the land of the Jewish people is “the most anti-Semitic claim of all.” 

And what is the main voice that Massad quotes to support his narrative? Yasser Arafat, in his speech at the UN in November 1974!  In the wake of multiple plane hijackings, the massacre at the Munich Olympics and the murder of school children in Ma’alot — acts of terror committed by the PLO and its affiliates — Arafat delivered his infamous speech at the UN.  This was the first time a terrorist leader was welcomed and applauded at the General Assembly. He rehashed all the Marxist buzzwords (aggression, imperialism, colonialism, racism, etc.) that he diligently learned from his KGB handlers …read more
Source: Israpundit


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