Shabbos Is The Source
Of All Blessings
While the Rebbe was at Yeshivat Rambam in Brooklyn, there was a bookkeeper who was anxious to meet the Rebbe. When she approached the gabbaim, their response was typical: the Rebbe is here to see the students. If there is time afterward the adults can get a berachah, too, or they can make an appointment and go see the Rebbe in Williamsburg. But this woman was determined and she started begging. The gabbai agreed and she went in. A week later the gabbai received a phone call from this woman. She explained that the Rebbe had demanded that her husband keep Shabbos. As they were a struggling family that had only recently moved from Israel, she tried explaining to the Rebbe that they needed the money to survive.
“Shabbos is the source of all blessing in this world. Your husband must not work on Shabbos,” the Rebbe told her.
“But we don’t even have our green card yet and no one else will even hire us.”
“If you keep Shabbos, you will receive your green cards too,” the Rebbe said.
A week later the husband decided to quit his job and keep Shabbos. That Monday the mailman dropped off a letter. Inside were the green cards!
The Longed-For Match
Thirty-six-year-old Binyamin has been looking for his marriage partner for a long time. Many times he thought that he had found her, but each time he was disappointed. Binyamin doesn’t have any more energy–he wants to establish a home with a loving wife. His parents are full of despair and they want so much to see their son happily married.
Six months ago Binyamin merited meeting with the Rebbe of Kalev, who was in Netanya. The Rebbe requested that Binyamin wear tzitzis daily. The Rebbe warmly blessed him. Today Binyamin is happily married and he thanks the Rebbe so much for his blessing and advice.
Succeeded In His Studies
Seventeen-and-a-half year-old Yosef has despaired of his studies. He failed twice in his matriculation exams and he has social difficulties as well. He decided to quit his learning framework. He sleeps all day and is awake at night. His parents are full of despair. Yosef is frustrated and he is trying to find himself.
A good friend brings him to meet the Kalever Rebbe, shlita. Yosef is charmed by his personality and cheerful countenance. He receives great encouragement from the Rebbe’s blessing.
Yosef started learning in a new framework. He succeeded in the test to the great happiness of his family members who continuously praise the Kalever Rebbe.
A Vessel That Holds
A Blessing
Iris very much desires to have another child, but her husband is totally against this. They are always arguing and the tension in the home is unbearable. Iris receives advice from the Kalever Rebbe and receives his blessing.
Wonder of wonders! Immediately after her visit with the Rebbe her husband changes his tune. He brings her a birthday present and agrees to meet with someone from the Efrat organization.
Peace returns to the home and one month ago, to both their joy, a healthy and adorable daughter was born. Iris is extremely thankful and appreciative to the Kalever Rebbe for her life that changed in his merit and in the merit of a vessel that holds a blessing which is peace.


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