Achdus Entertainment’s new monthly publication “HaGibor” is set to fly off the shelves this Pesach, delivering a new form of entertainment aimed at the frum teen audience. Delivering thrills and spills in a slick contemporary package, HaGibor takes super heroics to a place they’ve never been before … The Torah World!

A Uniquely Jewish Mythology

Superman, Spiderman and the rest gain their astounding abilities from some fantastic super science, but HaGibor’s powers are firmly rooted in Chazal and reflect a Torah worldview. Every issue is published in Hebrew and English. The reader just flips it over to read it in whatever language they prefer, making HaGibor an educational experience on top of everything else. Achdus Entertainment also provides free teaching tools for rebbes to use in their classrooms.

A Bridge to Torah for Your Disengaged and Bored Teen

“We all know the best and strongest chinuch enthralls and engages,” said writer and artist Tzvi Lebetkin of Achdus Entertainment. “That’s why each and every mishna had it’s own tune to help memorize them. It’s little wonder then, the only one of these tunes still in existence today is to the single most universally known of the mishniyos, the Mah NishTanah.”

Torah and hashkafa are featured on every page, making it a safe form of entertainment for parents, but at the same time not holding back on any of the high powered action and adventure that captures and thrills it’s audience.

All Together Now!

The core message that runs through HaGibor is one of Achdus and Ahavas Yisrael. The goal of Achus Entertainment is to teach people to see beyond the many divisions we have as a nation, without ever compromising their own important hashkafic truths. There are plans to introduce more heroes that reflect all aspects of Am Yisrael, and most importantly, have them put aside their differences and work together.

“If we can but dream it,” says Lebetkin, “we can make it a reality!”

And so HaGibor, who comes from a black kippa, yeshivish background, will soon be joined by Zroozim, a hyper sonic super speedster from the kippa srugah, dati leumi world. Further plans are for a female hero and a Sefardi hero after that.

“Am Yisrael is a massive, stunning jewel, with each and every facet beautiful, precious and unique. I want to see them all stand together as an Am Echad, B’lev Echad in their avodas Hashem. And if I can’t look out of my window today, I can for sure draw it!”

Join the Adventure

To launch this new title, Achdus Entertainment is offering a two issue trial subscription with free shipping for just $11.98. Go to to order your copies today!


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