Acheinu Enrolls 1,500 New Talmidim For Elul

By Yosef Sosnow

On the outside it looks like a regular house in the town of Givat Zev, located just a couple of miles northwest of Yerushalayim. Upon opening and entering the front door, however, one is struck by the difference; one’s ears are overwhelmed by a thunderous sound, the back and forth of a spirited Torah discussion; young faces aflame with passion, as they debate the fine points of the Gemarah. The sound is reminiscent of the resounding kol Torah heard in the Lakewood, Mir, or Ponovezh Yeshivos, but a quick look inside the nondescript house sitting on the edge of a hill with a gorgeous panoramic view of the hills surrounding Yerushalayim, paints an unexpected picture. It is a room filled with young people wearing shirts of different colors, sporting yarmulkas of different sizes and fabrics, and learning together with chareidi avreichim. They clearly seem to love every minute. Their passion and enthusiasm is almost contagious. “Welcome to Acheinu’s Yeshiva “Dover Tov,” says Rabbi Chaim Goldberg, Acheinu’s Director of Yeshivos.

Rabbi Goldberg, continues, “Yes, it sounds like a normal yeshiva scene. If you look behind the outer trappings it seems like the regular kol Torah that you would hear in any yeshiva, the bachurim here seem to be learning like regular yeshiva bachurim. What is most remarkable is that this is the middle of their summer vacation! These are teenagers who, just several months ago, knew nothing about Torah and had posters of the leading soccer players or pop stars adorning the walls around their beds. Now the only thing on their minds is the machlokes between Abaye and Rava on the sugya that they are learning. This is the power of Acheinu’s Yeshiva Dover Tov!”

Acheinu’s Yeshiva Dover Tov was opened about a year ago in Givat Zev by its Rosh Yeshiva, HaRav Dov Sloschitz, shlita. Harav Sloschitz is a close talmid of the well-known gaon and baal machshava, HaGaon HaRav Moshe Shapiro, shlita. Harav Shapiro who understood Rav Sloschitz’s prodigious talents in kiruv rechokim and his love and deeply caring heart for every Jew, saw Rav Sloschitz as the ideal Rosh Yeshiva for a kiruv yeshiva seeking to produce not just baalei teshuva but talmidei chachomim as well.

Rav Sloschitz, a son-in-law of the unforgettable Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Dov Ber Schwartzman, zt”l, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Bais HaTalmud of Yerushalayim, named the Yeshiva, Yeshiva “Dover (Dov Ber) Tov” in memory of his illustrious father-in-law.

Learning Torah: Opening Minds… and Making Inroads 

“The main thing,” says Rav Sloschitz, “is that we learn Torah with them. The light of the Torah is the greatest kiruv tool available. We have seen that, more than discussions about lofty hashkafa subjects, the actual Gemara’s discussions about “Arba avos nezikin” purifies their minds and brings them close to Hashem. Just setting up a chavrusa partnership with a yungerman is all they need and they begin to shine, to love Torah and to even want to give up their summer vacation in order to stay in yeshiva!”

Unfortunately, the yeshiva’s sojourn in Givat Zev has not been a bed of roses. Rav Meir Weinberger, one of Acheinu’s devoted activists relates, “When the yeshiva opened in a non-religious neighborhood in Givat Zev, some neighbors and others who sought to inflame sectarian discord, tried to do everything possible to close the yeshiva. We did our best to try calming things but it has not been easy. I am confident, however, that the kedushas haTorah that is suffusing this neighborhood simply from the Torah being learned in it, will eventually transform our biggest detractors into our most loyal patrons!”

“We Don’t Go Down, We Raise them Up”

When asked how avreichim raised in a sheltered environment can find a common language with their charges, he explains, “At the first Acheinu Kiruv Conference, HaGaon HaRav Matisyahu Solomon, shlita, told over a profound thought that really encapsulates Acheinu’s chinuch philosophy.One of the climaxes of the Yamim Noraim davening is the beautiful piyut beginning, ‘Veye’esayu kol l’avdecha’. The piyut describes the exalted time during yemos haMashiach when all the nations will serve Hashem and recognize His sovereignty over the world. The piyut eloquently describes how the nations will abandon their idols and offer sacrifices to Hashem. It culminates triumphantly, ‘Veyitnu lecha keser melucha–they will give You the crown of sovereignty.’ Those words are immediately preceded by ‘Veyishmu rechokim veyavou–Those from afar will hear and will come.’ Those words contain the foundation of our approach to kiruv rechokim. “The purpose,” said the Mashgiach, “behind rechokim hearing about Hashem is, “Veyavou–they should come to us. Kiruv rechokim means drawing rechokim close to us! Not bringing ourselves down to their level! Kiruv rechokim must be the outgrowth of a feeling emanating from within a ben Torah, a feeling of, ‘My burning love for Hashem and His Torah is so powerful, how can I not try to share it with my fellow Jews?’”

Acheinu Enrolls 1,500 New Bachurim into Yeshivos

Yeshiva Dover Tov is the latest of Acheinu’s yeshivos, joining its three other yeshivos that cater to talmidim at different levels of the kiruv chain.

Another milestone was reached this summer as Acheinu broke all previous yeshiva enrollment records. In addition to Acheinu’s own yeshivos, they work with hundreds of yeshivos across Eretz Yisrael finding just the right fit for each of its charges. This Elul, Acheinu enrolled more than 1,500 new talmidim in yeshivos! “It is because of Acheinu’s tremendous devotion to follow up, that we have had such success in not only enrolling boys into yeshivos, but keeping them in yeshivos until they become true bnei Torah,” said Rabbi Shlomo Rozenstein, Acheinu’s Director of Public Affairs.

Acheinu’s Placement Division at the Forefront of Kiruv Kerovim

That brings us to another vital service that Acheinu has been providing to the general community. Follow up is perhaps the most important word in the Acheinu dictionary. That is why they have a whopping 93% success rate in retaining the young people whom they are mekarev. They place their charges in mainstream yeshivos tailor made to each boy. As a result, Acheinu yungeleit have a comprehensive, intimate knowledge of hundreds of yeshivos throughout the country. This expertise has been remarkably effective as a kiruv kerovim tool as well. When bachurim are having difficulty, either picking an appropriate yeshiva or getting accepted to a yeshiva, the first number their parents call is Acheinu. With Acheinu’s knowledge of yeshivos and ongoing relationships with Roshei Yeshiva who truly trust them, they have been successful in placing hundreds of bachurim from chareidi homes into yeshivos that suit them.

After all, as its name implies, Acheniu’s mission is to care for and be mekarev all of our brothers, and bring them me’afeilah l’or gadol!


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