This year’s snow-removal program is being done in partnership with the newly formed “Aaron’s Way” organization. Aaron’s Way is a new community initiative that promotes and highlights unique chesed opportunities for the youth of our community. The organization has been founded by the

Tepfer family. This initiative, as well as future programs, will be carried out to perpetuate the memory of the very beloved Aaron Shalom ben Naftali Hertzka Yisroel Tepfer, a’h.

The arrival of snowstorms and ice poses a particularly difficult and dangerous issue for the elderly and handicapped of our community. Aaron’s Way is reaching out to any children, teenagers, or adults in our community who can possibly help with this initiative. Volunteers will be shoveling snow and clearing ice for homeowners who cannot do it themselves, and each neighborhood in the Far Rockaway/Five Towns area will have an organized list for this wonderful and easy chesed opportunity. Please e-mail if you or someone you know can be a part of this. If anyone requires assistance from this initiative, please call 516-791-4444. v


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