This past Sunday morning, Tzom Gedaliah, nearly 60 women filled the Achiezer office on Central Avenue to partake in the ongoing communitywide health training series presented by Achiezer and Hatzalah. Feeding off the success of previous classes as well as an increase in demand, CPR and choking recovery procedures were taught to all attendees in two rooms, one for Spanish-speaking caregivers and one for English-speakers. It was only one month ago that Achiezer received a dramatic e‑mail from an emotional mom whose choking baby had been saved by a Spanish-speaking housekeeper who had just learned these procedures at the last offered class.

Achiezer and Hatzalah would like to once again thank Mrs. Malky Tropper for instructing the women’s class in English and Mr. Michael Vatch, Joshua Hans, and Mendy Ackerman of SeniorCare EMS for arranging the Spanish-language instructor.


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