At Tuesday’s Nassau Legislative meeting, Adam Haber, a candidate for Nassau County Executive, spoke out against the Republican redistricting plan. He released the following statement after the passage of the new plan:

“Nassau’s middle class is fed up with a government that lurches from crisis to crisis with no sensible solutions in sight. This redistricting process is more of the same–backroom deals, a lack of transparency, and vote rigging that benefits political insiders instead of Nassau families. Once again, Nassau County political insiders have helped themselves, silenced community voices, and ignored the people they are supposed to represent. Nassau families deserves better than this.”

Democrat Adam Haber is a Roslyn School Board member, community activist, and successful entrepreneur who is running to create a fresh start for Nassau. Haber pledges to take back county government from the career politicians and make it more efficient and effective, improving services while holding down taxes so middle-class families can thrive again in Nassau. v


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