African waterfall

By Yoni Isaacson

There is an old African proverb: “He who has tasted of the waters of the Zambezi River will always return to drink again.”

Ever since my first childhood taste of the wonders of the African bush, I have been incurably addicted to the splendors of creation.

Yoni Peritomoreno

As a child, many a vacation was spent with my father, then the rabbi of Zimbabwe, exploring the great wildlife reserves and natural wonders of that gorgeous land, and although it is difficult to impress a 13-year-old boy, my first sight of the Victoria Falls left me absolutely speechless.

Ever since, it has been my dream to share my love of Hashem’s world with others, and it was with this dream that the Gourmet Kosher Safaris Group had its humble beginnings 18 years ago.

The frustration of staying in gorgeous hotels and eating kosher food wrapped in tinfoil while watching the hotel’s guests enjoying their wining and fine-dining inspired me to launch our first brand, the now-famous “Africa Kosher Safaris,” a relatively novel and unexplored concept at the time.

In those days, traveling to Africa for a safari was far from common for Orthodox American Jews, and often the response to our ads would be, “Why would I want to go to Africa?”

African turtle

Going on a kosher safari became a bucket-list item 18 years later, and although every year sees another aspiring kosher safari operator making his debut in the market, our reputation is cemented as the most experienced, reliable, and gourmet in this genre. Our expansion over the years into Latin America, Australasia, India, and even Iceland, has secured our place at the top of the deluxe kosher travel market, with every venue carefully researched and studied in person, on site, before putting our itineraries together.

On a GKS tour, we don’t simply provide kosher and Shabbos-friendly services. Our gourmet kosher chefs and mashgichim accompany each group to every venue and prepare freshly prepared kosher cuisine on par with that served in a top New-York restaurant, matching the ambiance of the best hotels in each region which we use.

Our guides, group leaders, and office team provide support from the moment of your first inquiry through every stage of your booking, your time with us, and post-tour needs.

African safari food

We cut no corners in providing high-level kosher products and even fine wines in the most out-of-the-way places, doing whatever is legally possible not to compromise on standard and variety. Anyone who has ever been on one of our trips will attest to the many fine touches, including free drinks and snacks throughout the day, which we provide on our unsurpassed luxury adventures.

People often ask me what my favorite destination is. Although I am heavily biased towards my continent of birth, our venues are all so absolutely unique and incredible that my answer is simply: “Whichever venue we happen to be visiting at the time.”

Over the next few weeks, I shall be sharing some of these incredible venues with you, hoping to inspire you to take that plunge into the incredible dream-world of luxury kosher travel and allow me to share that dream with you.

See you in nature.

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