That’s no ordinary watch on Ed Grigor’s wrist. He calls it The Time Traveler, and for good reason.

Someone stole it 53 years ago and thousands of miles away. And now, incredibly, it’s back where it belongs.

Clearly there’s a story here, and Ed’s eager to share it.

When he graduated from high school, his aunt gave him a gold 23-jewel wristwatch, with his name and the date engraved on it.

A southpaw, Ed wore it proudly on his right hand, remembers Rose, the high school sweetheart who has been his wife for five decades.

One day during his stint in the Navy, he left his watch on the sink of the “head” – and when he came back to get it, it was gone. He put out the word in the barracks and reported it missing, but it never turned up.

Ed Grigor holds his watch that was stolen from him during his time serving in the United States Navy in the late 1950s. Photo Credit: KRISTOPHER RADDER

The years rolled on, and he forgot about it.

Last month “Mark from Las Vegas” left a message on the Grigors’ phone, saying he had a wristwatch with Ed’s name on it.

“I get calls like this all the time,” Ed said. “And coming from Vegas, it must be hoax.”

Rose returned the call, though, and a woman named Pat Herrick answered. She asked if Ed had been in the Navy, and if he had pawned a wrist watch in Virginia Beach, Va.

“Wow, now the brain cells start working,” Ed said. After Rose handed him the phone, he asked Pat to describe it.

When Pat told him it’s a Boliva with his name and “6/12/58” engraved on the back, Ed almost dropped the phone.

How in the world had it landed in Las Vegas, Ed asked.

It seems Pat’s mom owned a guest house and soda shop frequented by young Navy servicemen stationed in Virginia Beach. When they ran low on money, she would hold collateral until they could pay their bills, but some never came back. When Pat’s mom died, the watch was found the unclaimed items still in her possession.

Pat and Mark hit the Internet, finding Ed as a property owner in Endicott. They then searched, and got Ed’s phone number.

About a week later, the Grigors received the package Pat had mailed at her own expense. “Taking the watch out of the package, I held it for the first time in over 53 years with tears of joy in my eyes,” Ed said.

Source: Press And Sun


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