(JNS.org) In wake
of the ouster of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood-controlled government and President
Mohamed Morsi, Fatah officials express hope that the Palestinians living in
Gaza will oust Hamas from power there.

Ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Hamas, which began as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood more
than 25 years ago, is the Islamic terror organization that has controlled Gaza
since its overthrow of the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority in 2007.

“Now it’s Gaza’s turn to get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood
branch,” said one Fatah official, the Jerusalem
reported. “The dark era of political Islam has ended. The era of
hypocrisy and lies has ended and Gaza will soon witness its own revolution
against Hamas.”

Another Fatah official expressed hope that this will lead to
Palestinian unity.

“We hope that the historic victory of the Egyptian people’s
will would help our people get rid of the destructive division and restore
national unity,” Fatah spokesman Ahmed Assafsaid
in an indirect reference to Hamas’s control over the Gaza Strip, according to
the Jerusalem Post.

In his statement on the events in Egypt, Fatah leader and
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas did not directly mention his
rivals, Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood, but instead congratulated the Egyptian

“In the name of the Palestinian people and its leadership I
congratulate the Egyptian leadership in this transitional phase of its history,”
Abbas said, according to the PA’s official news agency, Wafa.

Meanwhile, Hamas officials said that they are not worried
about the fall of their fellow Islamists in Egypt, but instead fear for Egypt’s

“We do not fear the fall of President Mohamed Morsi,” Hamas
leader Ahmad Yousef told Ma’an News
. “We fear the dramatic changes that could cause things to go out of
hand and lead to bloodshed.”

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Source: JNS.org


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